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Sameday Health Rolls Out Flu and Strep Testing in California

Sameday Health is Now Offering Strep and Flu Testing Across Three of Their California Clinics

Millions of Americans catch influenza and strep throat every year. Invasive group A strep illness has been reported at a rate of up to 25,000 cases per year in the United States during the last five years, as reported by the CDC. As a result, Sameday Health now offers strep and flu testing in addition to its other health and wellness services. A correct diagnosis helps reduce the spread of these illnesses and speeds up the recovery time for patients.

Advantages of Having Tests Done

Right Treatment

Physicians need to know if a patient has strep or the flu to provide the appropriate treatment. Antibiotics are effective against strep but not against the flu. If your flu symptoms persist, talk to your doctor about getting antiviral medication.

Alleviate Annoying or Painful Symptoms

A sore throat is a common symptom of strep, but medication may help ease the pain and prevent secondary infections in the sinuses or tonsils. Taking an over-the-counter decongestant for the flu may help reduce nasal edema, while an antihistamine will help with nasal drainage and sneezing. The medical professional could recommend a medicine to help with the cough.

Peace of Mind

Since strep and the flu match certain symptoms, you must be tested and see a doctor to be sure which one you have. The best treatment strategy may be devised when a doctor has determined whether the symptoms are due to strep or the flu.

Using Sameday Health for a Checkup

Sameday Health makes it easy for customers to be tested for strep throat or the flu by letting them book an appointment online at a nearby clinic. Appointments may be made on the same day at any of the three locations in Los Felize, Venice, and Long Beach.