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Sameday Health Launches New Inner Beauty IV Drip Service

Today Sameday Health, an innovative health care company, launched the new inner beauty IV drip therapy program designed to enhance the overall appearance of your body. Clients can benefit from various treatments, including collagen supplementation, nail strengthening, and anti-aging treatments that help strengthen hair, improve circulation, reduce cellulite, repair damaged skin, increase the firmness of facial contours, and promote cell renewal.

Consumers are increasingly investing in services and products to improve their physical and mental state, boost their energy levels, and enhance their appearances. In addition to conventional treatments such as cosmetic surgery and hair transplants, these new wellness businesses include IV drip therapies, nutritional supplements, holistic remedies, spa treatments, fitness centers, spas, yoga studios, meditation classes, dietary counseling, and weight loss clinics.

“A new study by researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine suggests that vitamin C helps prevent sunburn by strengthening your body’s natural protection against ultraviolet rays. The study also found vitamin C may reduce wrinkles, dryness, and scars left behind after burns. Vitamin A and zinc were also helpful. They work together to build collagen, the protein responsible for holding tissue and muscles together and keeping them strong. Both vitamins can make wrinkles less noticeable and scarring less severe.”

Sameday Health, Inc. believes healthcare should be about the patient, not just the disease. Our mission is to provide an integrated medical solution that focuses on the whole person and their lifestyle.

In addition to conveniently delivering comprehensive health services, Sameday Health strives to provide exceptional customer service. To accomplish these goals, we employ highly trained staff who make every effort to understand our client’s needs and concerns. We know that people choose us because they value the personal attention given to each individual and family. Therefore, we have developed a strong referral program that rewards those clients who bring referrals into our office.