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Greg Blatt Recap

Greg Blatt’s journey to the top has been a non-stop sprint for his entire life. He graduated from law school just as the tech boom was beginning and today manages more than 150 employees working on cutting-edge software that helps companies like Adidas, Nike, Ferrari, and more deliver content to their audiences in real-time.

An article with Programming Insider entitled “Executive Profile: Greg Blatt”, talks about how Former Match Group and Tinder CEO Greg Blatt has meticulously chosen his professional assignments, and has developed a meaningful array of roles that have lent themselves perfectly to his continued success, and ability to thrive professionally.

This article talks about Blatt’s story and insights into his journey.

Greg Blatt was born in Chicago and, with his parents’ early encouragement, was leading a mock trial by 4th grade. “We spent a lot of time in the car because my dad was the GM at Chevrolet, and we travelled around the country,” Blatt tells The Boss. “My parents encouraged me to join clubs and be active in school.”

A business-friendly environment also helped him become interested in technology from an early age. “I grew up outside of Detroit, where Mark Cuban’s business degree from Michigan State University was plastered on every billboard,” Blatt recalls. “It was a land of opportunity. You could be anything you wanted to be.”

Blatt graduated with honors in English and was accepted to Stanford Law School. He passed the bar exam at age 24 while at the same time launching his own business as a sports agent. “I remember thinking, ‘Wow, I’m an attorney, I can do anything now,'” he says. “But my dream had always been to work in tech and technology.”

The internet bubble was beginning to pop, and there were slim pickings for young attorneys. After passing the bar, people assumed he would start working for a big law firm. But instead, he moved to San Francisco and began looking for work at small startups. He finally landed a job with Synchronoss Technologies, a storage industry software company preparing to be the first to go public in the tech crash.

“I started there as an attorney, working on that IPO,” Blatt remembers. “And then 9/11 happened. The company was getting ready to go public, but all of our customers were scared after 9/11. See this article for additional information.


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