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 Gary McGaghey on Helping CFOs Thrive in Business.

Gary McGaghey on Helping CFOs Thrive in Business.

Gary McGaghey has been influential in the transformation of various companies. He has shared vital information with those in the private equity space to make them thrive. He has also shared his knowledge with other industries, including manufacturing and IT consulting.

He advises CFOs to hold regular business reviews to bring a new way of thinking to the company and its senior management team. Additionally, investment decisions have to align with the company’s values and culture and be measured at a long-term time horizon.

Building an effective team is vital to growing the business. Gary McGaghey also educates others in the private equity space on their responsibilities and what they owe to this organization. Obtaining enough knowledge about companies is also a good way of giving an edge to CFOs in the space and making them thrive. Coaching employees from other related fields will be an added advantage.

Understanding and building a fact base will be significant to CFOs as it will help them understand the state of the organization. As a CFO, they need to know what is going on in their companies enough to make decisions regarding the organization and its stakeholders. They should also communicate what they have learned so that other team members can use it. Additionally, they should be able to capitalize on these opportunities quickly.

Reporting cash flow weekly will go a long way in letting people know the state of the business. They need to know the debt covenants and their impact on the company’s performance. They should know how much money is coming in and its purpose for the shareholders. The balance sheet will be an important tool in giving them a better view of the company. They should be able to leverage the information gathered to make better decisions for the company.