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Wes Edens Investment in the Las Vegas Expansion Project

Don Garber, the commissioner of Major League Soccer, has expressed his fascination with the vision of expanding the Las Vegas franchise in 2023. The league has been looking out for their thirtieth team after the exit of Sacramento, whereby Phoenix and San Diego are the likely teams.

Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens are the people behind the Las Vegas expansion project. Moreover, the duo owns the Premier League’s team Aston Villa.

Recently, Nassef Sawiris and Wes Edens registered the term ‘Las villains’ if their plans became fruitful. Bill Foley, the owner of the Las Vegas Knights, is also part of financiers who intend to lead the MLS project in the city.

Don Garber expressed his optimism about the intention of expansion of MLS into Las Vegas. According to the ESPN quotation, he said that the Las Vegas market continues to expand based on a population view.

The commissioner also supported the project based on the success of the Knights and other significant events. He also noted some successful events, such as the Gold Cup Final, which sold out in just a couple of minutes, stating Las Vegas as an exciting market. Additionally, he expressed their intention of getting their thirtieth team to be a full league before the World Cup in 2026, as they focus on the Las Vegas market.

However, irrespective of the excitement of the likelihood of the venture of MLS into the Las Vegas market, he said that deciding on the league’s thirtieth team needed much more.

Garber also praised Wes Edens as a respected operator, investor, and successful stakeholder in the sports sector. Furthermore, he also expressed his confidence and that he was fascinated with working with him.