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Veterans Day Gets a Boost From Bobby Kotick’s Campaign

Together with the Call of Duty Endowment, Pilot Company joined has for a Veterans Day campaign. The campaign hit a new high of 1.75 million dollars for the three-week event.

Pilot Company marked Veterans Day by fronting a campaign to raise money for Call of Duty. Pilot as an organization helps veterans get jobs after their time in the military. The company, together with its guests were able to come up with a record-breaking 1.75 million dollars during the event that urged guests to join hands for a good cause. The campaign was successful, and the amount raised was triple the 2021 goal of 500,000 dollars.

The organization decided to get veterans good jobs after their military service. Due to its commitment, Pilot joined hands with Bobby Kotick’s call of duty Endowment in 2019 to assist veterans. The goal of Bobby Kotick and the endowment is to give 100,000 veterans secure jobs after their service. The 1.75 million dollars will help more veterans, almost 3,000 in a settlement after the service.

Bobby Kotick’s Boosts Call Of Duty Endowment

According to Shameek Konar, the Veterans Day event was memorable for the Veterans and offered support for future veterans. Konar further noted that the generosity shown by the guests at the event and the workers’ work to raise the money for the endowment, Bobby Kotick as the Chief Executive officer for Activision Blizzard CEO, co-created Call of Duty Endowment late in 2009.

According to a representative, the Endowment aims to get high-quality jobs for the veterans. After three years since inception, the group has grown to include notable military fugues like General Jones L . James as the vice-chair of the Call of Duty Endowment. The Endowment has expanded in the United Kingdom since 2017, and the initiatives to support veterans have been successful. The idea of the program is to get high-quality jobs that make use of their skills, experience, character, and education.

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