Augmedics, XVision

Tim Murawski and the Advancement of Robot-Assisted Operations

Tim Murawski is the president of Augmedics, a medical device company that specializes in developing implantable devices. He has also been shortlisted as one of the best CEOs for his innovative devices in the health sector. Before joining Augmedics, Tim Murawski had held seven jobs including Vice President of Global Renaissance Business at Mazor Robotics.


Successful entrepreneur Tim Murawski has played a critical role in the advancement of robot-assisted medical operations in recent years. Robot-assisted Medtech is a technology that allows medical teams to leverage the accuracy and precision of robotic devices and computers to improve their outcomes. However, Tim Murawski states, for robot-assisted medical operations to be sustainable in the long run, private companies need to advance their technologies regularly. 


In recent years, Augmedics under the leadership of president and CCO Tim Murawski is one of the companies that have assumed a leading position in the advancement of their technologies to enhance patient outcomes. It is hard to separate Tim Murawski from robot-assisted operations since he has been in space since its adoption (Bizjournals). 

The executive introduced and showcased the benefits of the technology to medical teams around the country in 2000 in his capacity as an executive in sales operations, strategy, and business development. As the field has continued to mature over the years, Tim has remained a big part of its advancement building his career around the exciting healthcare technology. Since assuming his role as the President and CCO of Augmedics, Tim Murawski has focused his efforts on eliminating various limitations of the technology through the xvision system. This is a system that aims to change everything to do with the fundamental operations of rob-assisted technologies.