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The Method and Accomplishments of Mark Hauser Both in Front of the Camera and as a Voice Actor

A lot goes into the performance and training of any actor. It’s equally true that every successful actor, no matter their specialty, has a specific method to get into character. This is especially true for actors who work within multiple and often quite different mediums. Mark Hauser is certainly no stranger to that situation. He’s well known for both his work as a voice actor and in front of the camera.

His talent as a voice actor has spanned many different roles. But his recent work on the Netflix Original animated movie SAHARA will be easily recognized by anyone with an ear for talented voice work. Of course, he doesn’t limit his work as a voice actor to movies alone. He’s also worked in commercial voiceovers. Mark Hauser has even shown up in video games.

He certainly makes an impression in front of the camera as well. This has opened him up to work with some of the big names in the field. This includes actors such as Jennifer Love Hewitt and Michael Madsen. Madsen himself has commented on how he’s been able to achieve that level of success in such varied parts of the industry.

Part of his success comes from sheer vocal range. Mark Hauser was born in Michigan and raised in the Great Lakes region. This put him in the perfect location to master a neutral dialect and also learn other American and Canadian dialects.

The actor notes that he’s also extremely passionate about his roles. He doesn’t just consider simple aspects of the character. Instead, Mark works to bring the character to life within his mind. He learns about a character’s profession and really works to see them as a real person. This may well be how someone noted for comedic work can also become an Actra Award Nominee for dramatic roles. No matter what the role is, Mark puts his whole heart into it. And that kind of dedication gets results.