Chainsmokers is a duo group producing EDM music that is a blend of pop, dance, hip-hop, and indie music. The duo is made up of DJ Alex Pall and writer / vocalist Andrew Taggart. They formed the duo in 2012 after finishing college. Amusingly enough, the name of the duo comes from the fact that at one point they really enjoyed smoking pot. Their first performance was in 2014 and their first hit was “Selfie”, which made it onto the charts both internationally and domestically. This is the song that launched their career and has allowed them to establish themselves in the dance / electronic song realm. This led to signing a deal with Disruptor Records (which is joint with Sony Music) and continued success with their newly released songs off their album.

The duo has received multiple accolades from Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards. They have released five songs in 2018 from their breakout debut album, Memories…Do Not Open. The most recent song is “Side Effects”. It is a bubbly song that follows a woman who is working night shift and her rebellion to learning she has to work over the weekend. It has a fun, catchy beat with entertaining lyrics. It features Camila Mendes dancing throughout the hotel and even swimming in the hotel pool – skirt and all. It is fun and witty, keeping up with the standard the duo has established in the music industry.

Chainsmokers is also enjoying a number of concerts in the United States. They seem to be gaining more popularity and sometimes it just takes one hit to take a group or duo over the top. In addition to their first album, they are getting ready to release a second album that is sure to have some hits on it as well.