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Simon Denyer Brings India To The Front of Mind

Simon Denyer graduated with honors at Trinity College, in Massachusetts, with a degree in economics. Being the bureau chief in Tokyo for The Washington Post, Denyer left the bureau chief position in the year 2021.

Prior to working at The Washington Post, the same position of bureau chief was held in India and China as well. Being an experienced manager with a record of success running teams of journalists across the globe, Denyer has seen his fair share of complex and high-profile assignments.

Tight deadlines, finishing projects within budget, taking care of staff in dangerous situations, handling government relations and restructuring teams, and also managing news production around the clock are all things Simon Denyer handles with professionalism.

Simon Denyer is not only successful working with The Washington Post, but he is also a Pulitzer-winning author and journalist. Denyer has spent more than 25 years in the field as a bureau chief and foreign correspondent working for Reuters and The Post.

His current works include a book titled Rogue Elephant, which is about harnessing the power of India’s unruly democracy. The book covers a time period of many failed leaders as well as flawed heroes starting from the time of the Nehru-Gandhi family dynasty. Ordinary people are also part of the book, describing how they fight against the countries corrupt system.

Ordinary people are shown throughout the book to be harnessing the power of democracy in a positive nature. Accountability, transparency, and truth are being demanded by ordinary people in a way that has never been witnessed. A war between the deep-rooted corrupt system and the forces that are pushing against it may help make significant changes to the system. Rogue Elephant is a strong and viable contribution to the world conversation about India and its current state and future. Refer to this page for additional information.