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Simon Denyer and the Rogue Elephant

Simon Denyer is a well-known journalist that had done work for Reuters and was also a correspondent for the Washington Post. His area of expertise was India, and the political climate that could be found there. He was very passionate about his work, and now works as the Washington Post’s Beijing bureau chief. However, his interest in India’s politics still persists which led him to write a book titled Rogue Elephant.

Understanding India’s Politics

In the book, Simon Denyer explores the chaotic nature of India’s politics, comparing it to the book’s namesake. He makes mention that while he likes this aspect of India’s political climate, and the optimism of the people, he dislikes the way the country is governed. One such reason he stated for his frustration was the rampant corruption, and the denial of economic opportunities to those of the lower class.

Praising a Secular Government

Despite its shortcomings, Simon Denyer had nothing but praise for the secular nature of India’s government, and credits it with being a driving factor in allowing the Hindu and Muslim population to coexist peacefully. He also says that the freedom of speech granted is also welcome, as are the checks and balances. Despite this, he says that the secular nature of the government has been watered down by pandering politicians that focus on appeasement.

How He Felt About Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Since most of Rogue Elephant was written before the election that would see Modi become prime minister, Simon Denyer only addresses him in the next to last chapter. However, he does praise him for economic growth, but also dislike’s his excessive need for publicity. That said, his biggest problem with Modi is the fact that he undermines the secular nature of India’s government and assaults the rights of minorities. Denyer does not like this autocratic style of leadership and expresses anxiety for India’s future under Prime minister Modi. Simon Denyer’s: Twitter.