OSI industries is a privately owned food and meat processing company in America. The institution focuses on the food and meat retail service with global headquarters based in Aurora, Illinois. The company operates more than 65 facilities which are in 17 countries. In 2016, the company purchased Baho Foods, which is also a major food distributor.

Background Information

In this current universal economy, institutions of different categories are beginning to settle for foreign market operations in the world of business. Such kind of international expansions have seen both the institutions and the alien countries have potential advantages such as better opportunities in the expansion of and development. These type of expansions in global market is catching up with the trend. OSI Industries enjoys its dominance to be the best company to deduce the kind of trend. This is one of the reasons OSI made a purchase deal in the acquisition of the Dutch meat processing firm, Baho Food, the firm that has operated different markets for many years, globally.

The acquisition of Baho Food

In 2016, OSI Industries acquired the Dutch food manufacturer, Baho Foods with the aim of achieving its expansions plans. The company has always engaged in the supply of snacks, deli meats, and convenience foods. During the acquisition, OSI Industries Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald, noted that the acquisition will help OSI Group get a wider presence across Europe. Baho Foods has brands and products that complement the processing strengths of OSI.

Baho Foods is not a small company; it has five different subsidiaries which are spread across Netherlands and different parts of Germany. The company’s managing director, Mr. Balvers, noted that the acquisition will help the company to grow its wings owing to the fact that OSI Industries has excellent relationships with its suppliers and customers.


OSI has engaged in series of acquisitions in order to reach diverse target markets. Its announcement to acquire Baho Foods followed immediately after it made the public aware of its intentions to purchase Tyson Foods, another production firm that is based in Chicago. More acquisitions are expected in the coming years.

Their LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/company/osi-industries

Charlamagne Tha God has released his second book titled Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me. This novel reveals a side often not seen by the well known radio host. A sense of vulnerability is developed and revealed in the text of the pages. Nonetheless, the radio host does not leave out his trademark provocative commentary in the novel. The book discuss many deep issues like his very own personal struggle with a stress disorder, anxiety and his need to for therapy.

The radio host turned author has dedicated an entire chapter of his novel to mental awareness and stress, specifically hitting home on stress and disorders amongst black Americans. The author writes from a personal perspective during this chapter as he knows the struggle of being a black man with stress in American society today. He notes that his deep faith and therapy have been ways for him to resolve his stress and anxiety disorder. He has been able to improve with how he deals with issues he typically would avoid.

As a father, Charlamagne Tha God informs readers throughout his book about the Me Too Movement. He has two daughters and is expecting his third and wants his readers to know the importance of men being accountable for the way they interact with women. He has dealt personally with this, especially during his days of selling drugs to females in South Carolina.

Charlamagne Tha God uses his platform as a radio personality, television host and social media influencer to speak his truth and personal stories to the world. His novel is eye-opening to his past and personal situations he has dealt with in his life. Readers are able to see the famous The Breakfast Club co-host in a different light. Most of all this non-fiction work of literature explores topics that need to be discussed. The author highlights his younger days in South Carolina, being a apart of the hip hop culture, his concerns for his daughters living in the Me Too Movement era, America’s way of dealing with black mental illness and the launching of his second novel.

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With a passion and drive for the medical field, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum is constantly learning and applying new invasive techniques in the field of medicine. In fact, this orthopedic surgeon is understanding the chemistry behind replacing hips and knees in patients from around the world. In response to the great work, this doctor connects with other doctors to share experiences and teach to broaden horizons in orthopedics.

Primarily, the issues coming from the joints are caused by arthritis. In turn, doctors, like Dr. Ira, are needed to perform surgery on those with advanced diseases. In some cases, patients become bedridden due to the increase of pain and anxiety. In actuality, there are 3 stages of replacements, and those are partial, resurface, and full joint replacements. For the most part, patients do well with the instructions of how to take care of themselves after surgery. In some cases, patients have to take months of therapy to learn how to walk again. In the same fashion, some have to return to the doctor for a routine check-up.

Furthermore, Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum never meets a stranger. Overall, the surgeon is thankful to have experience from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University. While studying pre-med, the surgeon knew to include invasive technical equipment in the surgery unit to promote a speedy recovery while reducing scarring. As it turns out, the surgeon helps patients keep their ligaments in tact to help reduce swelling while giving their bodies a chance to get adjusted to their new body part. Notably, the clients have successful results and strive to follow all guidelines while enjoying the rest of their lives.

There’s something remarkable about a company that not only has been successful commercially but has been supported by the key influential people in the industry. This may be the case with how Herbalife has built its progress, influence and market relevance. Herbalife’s health supplements and its multi-level marketing model have indeed transformed the lives of many people and given different kinds of shareholders the prosperity they want. In fact, Herbalife (HL) has been so influential lately that it has even attracted the support of athletes in the industry today.


One of the few remarkable people in sports that have shown continuous support to the health supplements of Herbalife is no other than the renowned active racer Nicolas Fuchs. Right now, he’s a busy, passionate racer who has made a strong name in rally car driving. His achievement, though, would probably not be that much of a success if he didn’t stick to his proper nutrition and fitness training. Discipline is key here. He had to limit himself to just eating the healthiest products out there. He had to only support the brands in nutrition that provide high value to his entire nutrition plan. And the good thing about HL today is that it contains all the nutrition supplements that racers like him would need to perform well in the field. Fuchs has already made a name in rally car race in 2005 while racing in Peru, and since then he has already given a lot of pride for those who support him. Without his proper nutrition diet, this may not well be possible.

About Herbalife

It’s worth mentioning here that HL is a global multi-level marketing that’s highly marketable and highly supported by the global market. In fact, since being founded about 38 years ago in Los Angeles, California, HL is already a household name in the field of weight management and nutritional supplements, among others.


With a net revenue of about US$4.43 billion since 2017 and a total equity of about US$ 468 million in 2016, it’s hard to deny the commercial repute of HL. The 8,000 employees of the company is also a strong mark or indicator that it is a company that’s socially relevant, as companies like HL are needed by any society because they generate jobs.




Fortress Investment Group, a wildly successful company that Wes Edens is a co-woner of, owns a train that is making quite a difference for residents of Florida. The Brightline train was introduced to make transportation between different areas easier. The rail system is sure to be enjoyed by its customers after the service between Miami-West Beach and Orlando eventually is introduced. This service will help make the 235 mile journey a lot easier and more affordable for residents of this area.

Thanks to Wes Edens, the future of the British Aston Villa soccer club is looking brighter. He and Egypt’s Nassef Sawiris have recently made a huge investment in the team, which will likely have a significant positive impact on its hopes of becoming a contender in the Premier League.

This, however, is not the first time that Wes Edens has invested in a sports team. He has also been the owner of the Milwaukee Bucks for a number of years now, and he is dedicated to helping the basketball team flourish. Edens is also active in eSports, and his team, FlyQuest, is among the top teams competing in League of Legends.

Wes Edens is one of five men who together founded and co-own Fortress Investment Group, the company that has made them all quite wealthy over the past two decades. Wes Edens was recognized by the Wall Street Journal a number of years ago, and the writer described his investing style positively, saying that his unique strategies and talents played a large role in the success of Mr. Edens’s investments throughout the course of his career.

Mr. Edens graduated from Oregon State University, which is where he received his B.S. in Business Administration and Finance in 1984. Between completing his studies and forming Fortress Investment Group with business partners, Edens gained an entire decade of professional experience in the finance world, which certainly has aided him in his rise to success in recent years.

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Neurocore is a company with facilities in various places to help its client’s create new neural connections in their brains. This means that it helps its client’s to make their brain as strong and efficient as it can possibly be. For Neurocore, their main priority is to see the improvement in their client’s brain health. The way in which Neurocore helps their client’s is with a simple, yet effective, three step process. Read more about Neurocore at glassdoor.com.

The first of these steps is to perform an analysis of your brain using various types of technologies such as qEEG technologies, and heart rate and breathe monitors. This gives the people at Neurocore the ability to see exactly what’s going on in your brain and paints them a clear picture of it. The first analysis helps them create a brain map for the second step.

The second step is to come up with a personalized program for the client. This is done by using the data from the first brain analysis. With the information from the brain map, they design the personalized program. The program consists of positive reinforcement and repetition. This allows them to provide the client with the ability to make their brain function be as efficient as possible.

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The third and final step is to conduct one last assessment of the client’s brain. With the data from the first and last assessment, they can see exactly how much their client’s brain has improved. With this 3 step process, Neurocore has been able to effectively and positively improve the brain health of many people. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

Alternative investment firms – as their name quite obviously implies – formulate means of yielding sizable returns as compared to smaller, generally-safer investments that their conservative, run-of-the-mill investment firm counterparts generate reliably. Southridge regularly sees returns that that are higher than most other alternative investment firms it competes with across the North American market.


While every investment firm seeks to bring home higher returns than their competitors, this simply doesn’t happen; some investment groups are going to perform better than others – this is a simple fact of doing business in financial services.


How does Mr. Stephen P. Hicks “make magic” happen in his line of work?


Every working professional has their own figurative toolbox of go-to secret strategies to use when they need to generate yields in the short-term – in the here and now; Mr. Hicks similarly has his own coveted toolbox that he looks to when he needs to heat up rates of return upon very short notice.


When legendary investor Stephen P. Hicks wants to bring his and his company’s ideas to life, he turns to his extensive experience in the world of financial services. As one might imagine, more than three decades’ worth of experience is the first proverbial tool he turns to when he needs help in bringing Southridge Capital’s clients’ ideas to fruition. For more details visit Ideamensch.


Further, because Southridge Capital’s bread-and-butter of generating income for its clients is directly related to the investments it places in growing companies and small corporations, Mr. Hicks also regularly turns to his company’s well-established search criteria of companies it looks at as being safe bets to generate the income it needs to survive and thrive.


Southridge Capital enters into deals like these on a regular basis


This company currently has just south of two billion dollars’ – United States Dollars, that is – worth of non-ownership stakes in the form of private shares of companies that haven’t yet gone public. Having invested in some 300-odd companies thus far, most of its deals are similar to one inked three years ago on July 30; Southridge Capital had purchased $5 million in equity with Elite Data Services, a relatively small corporation that was and still is in a lightning-fast stage of growth. You can follow their Facebook page.


Read more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/southridge-capital-enters-into-a-5-million-equity-purchase-agreement-with-elite-data-services-inc-300118746.html

When it comes to marketing, it is a well known fact by now that people want marketing to be targeted to them. They want a company to target their specific demographic. If a company will target a general audience without appealing to a specific group of people, they will not have the same level of success. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

It is no surprise that the same applies when hiring people for positions. This is especially true in the finance industry. When you hire someone for a highly specialized job position, you have to do your research first. However, some people do general research. In other words, they use a general recruitment agency that does not target a specific type of candidate. Instead, they target anyone and everyone who is looking for a job in any industry. What this will lead to is that you will get a candidate who may not be fully qualified for the job position.

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The trick, according to GoBuySide, is to choose an agency that will do detailed research in order to find you the best candidates in New York. GoBuySide uses advanced methods in order to find candidates who have just the right education for the job. Unlike general recruitment agencies that want to speed up the process and therefore do not put in as much effort as is needed, at GoBuySide, they will do a lot of research into both the qualifications that are needed for the job and the qualifications that each candidate has. This way, they will be able to match the best talent in New York with your company.

GoBuySide founder, Arjun Kapoor, has extensive experience in finding highly specialized talent in any industry. He studied at some major universities, such as John Hopkins and Stanford. He founded GoBuySide precisely because he saw the gap that existed in the hiring process of many businesses. Arjun Kapur says that by streamlining the process, they were able to find highly qualified individuals for specific job positions in dozens of cities around the world, including forty cities in the United States. Follow GoBuyside on Twitter.com.

Peter Briger is known to be one of the largest investors in the financial industry nowadays. He is actually part of the Forbes 400 Top Business professionals thanks to his wits in performing the right investment. That’s what also made him the President and Co-Chairman of the Fortress Investment Group. He is currently working as the head of the real estate and credit fund departments of Fortress Investment Group – focusing on non-liquid investments. He also entered other partnerships such as the Goldman Sachs & Co, which built his talents as of today.

How Did The Large Investment Begin?

Pete Briger is already a prodigy in the field of business ever since he got a Bachelors Degree from Princeton University, as well as an MBA in the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. This earned him enough leadership skills to have a professional career at the Goldman Sachs. His dedication as a professional earned him more knowledge throughout the career until he developed a skill set of local and foreign investment technique, real estate investment and loans, as well as handling distressed debt. He was considered as a partner in Golden Sachs until he left in 2002.

His Rise Towards Bigger Investments

Peter Briger decided to leave 2002 in order to move up even further as he decided to become the co-CEO of Fortress during the same year. His already- vast knowledge helped him manage Fortress towards success. He first made Fortress into the very first alternative investment company in the whole United states, while managing an excess $65 million worth of assets. His skills in distressed loan and anything regarding real estate money earned him the head position of Fortress’s real estate and credit division as of today.

The success of Fortress in being the very first alternative investment company started when Peter Briger and his team dedicated their time and efforts to raise $4.7 billion to develop a fund called “Fortress Credit Opportunities Find IV”. This program represented most of the new funds made by Fortress and even improved its private equity and liquid market over time. His company also held an amazing opportunity during the financial crisis as it helped a lot of failing banks and governments as they were forced to sell off their risky assets.

This made him and his new company the perfect means of investing and growing these businesses for the sake of its own reputation and improvement as well. It completely shows that being witty is what it takes to become a cunning businessman like Peter Briger. After all, money can be a taken care of in a way where someone needs to find the best opportunities to make it grow towards stability. Gift From Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship

Being the world leader in the food industry, OSI Group, LLC has its interests ventured into the purchase of other food companies that are focused on quality food production. These are food operations that adhere to OSI Group’s exceptional grade and are positive about the company’s portfolio. The executive leadership of the company believes that the series of acquisitions and expansions would enable it to maintain its highest quality levels and efficiency. OSI Food Solutions has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois, from where they maintain their leadership position when it comes to productions of value-added foods rich in proteins. It’s also a popular food retail brand.

It’s Acquisition of the Tyson Food Plant

The company has expanded its territories in Chicago and beyond as a result of the rising food demand. Due to its purchase of a food joint, formerly known as Tyson Food Plant in 2016, OSI Food Solution added a 200, 000 square foot structure in a strategic location. The firm took this bold step to enhance its ability to serve the growing influx of its customers.

Though Tyson Foods and OSI Food Solutions never disclosed their terms of sales in the Chicago branch, both firms acknowledge and believe in making the deal to achieve more in their operations.

Acquisition of Europe Operation

Recently, the company engaged in the purchase of Creative Food Europe which is also a recognized meat products supplier across Europe. The deal expanded OSI Food Solution’s presence in the European market industry. Creative Foods Europe manufactures a line which includes sauces, pies, and dressing which represent the food market in the U.K. Creative food Europe’s president Russel Maddock mentioned the fact that joining hands between OSI Food solutions and the company came as an exciting development for both companies.


OSI Food Solutions is listed among the privately managed corporations with diverse markets. The company has more than 60 locations which are spread across 17 countries. Recently, it opened different facilities in China and Europe as these areas continue to experience high demand for meat products. OSI Food Solution plans to further its expansion to other areas, particularly the Asian community.

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