Todd Lubar is the current president at TDL Global Ventures, LLC a company located in Bethesda, Maryland. While growing up Todd Lubar went to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC until later in 1987 when he joined The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. In 1995 he graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A in speech and communication.


Todd Lubar Launched into the Real Estate industry in 1995 with his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In 1999 he joined the Legacy Financial Group and with his help the business grew a unit of over 100 million dollars a year in loan volumes. He later opened Charter Funding in 2003, one of the largest privately held mortgage in the US.


In 2005 he accepted a job as the Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments. He formed the Legendary Financial LLC which is an affiliate company to the Legendary property LLC. His involvement in over 7000 transactions allowed him sharpen his abilities to be able to analyze the overall risks of loans and be able to make appropriate decisions.


Todd consequently became involved with the Automotive Scrap Metal Recycling business whose success led to the company being traded in the Public Market Place. In addition, he got involved with businesses such as commercial demolition where he obtained huge contracts from large General Contractors in the country.


Todd has vast experience in business and this has helped him work in almost any environment. Todd currently resides in Bethesda Maryland. He has 2 beautiful children that live in Bethesda as well. Todd loves to add value to whomever he comes into contact with and at the present he has established an industry that is focused on helping people.

This powerful woman who is the global CEO of CP+B is the perfect epitome of women power and success. She has not only been able to scale this ladder in her latest conquest but has also had success in all her former positions at other companies.



As someone who is described as an introvert, you cannot help but wonder how the heck she does it? How did she get here? Well, for one, she is made of tough material and has on occasion been described as steely and unaffected by delicate matters such as the firing of an employee.



The Savior of Wobbling Planes



She has had a reputation of coming into new companies and overhauling them into a reformed state that changes the way we see them. They are usually in transition, and she helps keep them afloat in their new environment.



She creates evolution paths and globalization strategies that make them flourish in an instant. This is the trademark of the woman who loves wearing black and the occasional navy blue, a personal trait that has accentuated her steely countenance and mannerisms.



Her Management Style



When it comes to this particular topic, she can be blunt and focused on what she wants that it appears as if she is insensitive but given the fact that she has gotten the job done is a testament to the success that he methods usually bring.



We would expect such a woman to be celebrated, but that is not the case. She is different and does not fit into the categories of female CEO who are a cliché in society. She challenges the system and norms.



This has caused her to be cast in the light of a ruthless leader who gets the job done abut at the expense of a few people who criticize and try diminishing her work. She has admitted that a less steely approach could be good, but she is too authentic and straightforward to fit that mold.



The 3% Conference



This is the conference that champions for female talent and leadership. Obviously, she would be featured here. She has been lauded as one of the women in the 3% of the world’s women leaders. She is the role model that young girls look up to.






Despite the remarks about the way she runs her ship, she is a woman who always gets the job done, and that alone is enough to crush the critics. Suffice to say that ‘there is an aspect about a woman who is a leader and behaves in a certain way that is okay for a man but not a woman.

Jim Hunt is a professional investment advisor who runs a company called VTA Publications. Hunt has learned many tricks to investing over the years, and he once sat down with the founder of Ideamensch to discuss why he started his company. Hunt wanted to take his investment secrets and share them with less knowledgeable investors, more so because he had seen how the big banks took advantage of them. In his typical day he listens to ideas that his customers want, and after much research and planning written on Hunt brings ideas to life in a relaxation moment. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts tutorials on making trades and learning what the numbers mean.

Jim Hunt VTA Publicationsbelieves stock trading can be made easy when various principles are followed, and he decided to start up two programs at his company to demonstrate this. He first started up “Wealth Wave,” a program that explains how to invest and trade in bear market, and the two most important phone calls to make during this time. Jim Hunt VTA Publications also started up “Making Mum a Millionaire” which shows how using only 10 trades can lead to becoming a tax-free millionaire. But Hunt’s company has done so much more.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is where those who are ambitious can learn how to invest without the constraints of a bank or stock broker firm. Several subjects are covered at this company, including retirement planning where you can learn about retirement planning and how the bible is a guidebook for it. You can also learn how to read stock charts and execute important trades, and if you choose you can also purchase information on little-known trading options and strategies. You’ll also get access to special DVD’s of VTA Publications seminars featuring some of the world’s savviest entrepreneurs. To find out more about ordering the materials, visit

Fighting to overcome the many challenges human beings go through is something that takes effort from different professionals and entrepreneurs. Jason Hope is one among entrepreneurs who have invested in the business of offering solutions to the many problems humans have been facing.

He is a prolific professional with many years working as a technologist and offering solutions to different problems facing the world. His take on developing the world and eliminating problems has been that there is need to work on the development of new structures that reflect the future rather than the present moment.

His company has been working on projects of different nature, ranging from software development to desktop and mobile applications. Jason Hope works with a qualified team of professionals, who draft solutions to the different problems that are presented by clients from various places. He has also ventured a lot in internet of things and believes this is one of the fields of technology that will develop and grow better in the near future. Most of his projects are inspired by the need to make a better tomorrow and a world that will inspire more individuals to achieve their goals.

Helping upcoming entrepreneurs
To help young entrepreneurs access growth opportunities, Jason Hope came up with a program where they are able to upload their ideas for review then selection. Those whose ideas pass the criteria set are given the support of professionals in different capacity and are able to overcome the many challenges that come with running a new business. The opportunity also brings together investors from different industries who choose the ideas they are most interested to offer financial support.

Humanitarian support
Additionally, to achieve all his goals Jason Hope has been investing a lot in philanthropy to also help others achieve their goals. He works with different philanthropic foundations to submit support to those who are in dire need of help. He also extends personal guidance and support to allow different people to get growth opportunities and a chance to make their lives better. Jason Hope has been working on developing a system that gives room for the needy to advance their lives.

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In the state of Ohio there are few real estate agents that are more accomplished or better known than Tammy Mazzocco. Given her great success within the industry many wonder how she became so good at what she does, but to answer that question we have to look to her past business experience.

Ms. Tammy Mazzocco got her start in the real estate industry at the well known commercial firm, Edwards Realty Company where she worked diligently as a secretary. The boss of the place was a man named, Mike Zelnik who had made a name for himself within the industry due to his business acumen and personal dynamism. After Ms. Mazzocco learned all that she could from her mentor, Mr. Zelnik, she used her experiences at Edwards Realty as a springboard and quickly transitioned into condominium management for SY Condominiums.

According to Google, it was during this time that she was recommended to apply for a real estate license by Ken Cook of the successful Cook Real Estate Agency. She took Mr. Cook’s advice and vigorously through herself into a study of real estate and passed with flying colors and then moved on to work for T & R Properties as a apartment and warehouse supervisor. After gaining her chops there and under the further tutelage of well known and respected realtor named, Joe Armeni of Columbus, Ohio. From there she finally had both the aplomb and know-how to set out on her own in 1999 when she began working for Judy Gang and Associates where she continues to whirl deals to this very day all across New Albany, Ohio.

Ms. Mazzocco credits her numerous mentors, specifically those who worked within the Real Estate industry as well as developing the ability to stop taking every aspect of her work as dead-eyed serious life and death struggles as the most inspirational and motivating experiences which propelled her to the spectacular success she enjoys to this day. For more info, click

Cotemar S.A. de C.V. is a company established in 1979 and has a base in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. The company provides services in areas of offshore oil fields development and using its specialized vessels the company maintains and rehabilitate platforms and processes that are center to offshore facilities, for instance, semi-submersible platforms. Also, the company gives accommodation and catering services with an addition of support services of the vessels for transportation purposes. The services provided by the firm heavily rely on three divisions that are very strategic and through the integration of the services they offer services to the following market segments:

The Cotemar Specialized Maritime Vessels Services

The services ensure transportation of lightweight materials, nourishment, and personnel and for structures that are large, barges boats and towing vessels are available. Other vessels include firefighting vessel. Safety fast is the policy of Cotemar S.A and as such regular inspections and vessel monitoring of the highest standard is maintained to ensure safety for people on board.

Cotemar Accommodation and Catering Services

Talk of diversity and you are probably talking about Cotemar. The company on it rigs and vessels offers accommodation and catering services. The services include bedding, laundry and cleaning services.

Cotemar Construction, Maintenance, Engineering and Modernization Services

The company focuses on ensuring customer’s offshore rigs and centers of processing are modernized and innovative. The company is detailed thus offers services from the prefabrication and installation of rigs and processing centers to operations commissioning with the support of dynamic positioned semi-submersible rigs with the ability to quickly and timely move to a more complex oil field.

The company’s major priority is to develop not only employees working in the company but also their families. To ensure the employees develop and grow the company takes the initiative to enter into workshop and training agreements that are innovative with Universities found locally and internationally. The company recognizes that it is the efforts of the 8,000 employees working either offshore or onshore that will guarantee the company’s growth and as such efforts are made to attract, develop and retain them.

Employees are fully aware of the benefits of working for such a company. For purposes of career growth and expansion in Mexico, the oil companies are the way to go as there is a huge boom in the industry. Further, there is an increase in the use of technology in the companies. Thus employees can guarantee to take the next technological step with the enterprise.

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Leading inmate communications company Securus Technologies has received the highest honor given by the Better Business Bureau, an A+ rating. This is the result of Securus’ consistency in providing excellent customer service as well as products of the highest caliber. The high rating comes just a few years after Securus opened its new call center, which features 220 full-time staff and state-of-the-art infrastructure.


The call center has allowed Securus to become the industry leader in customer call satisfaction, with over 99% of phone calls being answered within the first minute and an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.3/5 stars.


Securus CEO Rick Smith said that the rating also reflects Securus’ overall ability to follow through on all points of their advertising and promotional materials. Securus, a Texas company, has long adhered to the principle that it’s easiest to just tell the truth. It has always sought transparency and trust in its advertising and its dealings.



A continuing record of shutting down detractors


Securus has had a spate of public feuds recently, nearly all of which were started by detractors and competitors looking to diminish Securus’ preeminent role in the prison communications space. Its recent string of award wins, including the 2017 Stevie Award for Customer Service Excellence, have given the lie to these jealous detractors who seem more intent on tearing down the great works of others than with producing anything of value themselves.


Some of these opponents, like competitor GTL, have gone so far as to file frivolous lawsuits. In each case, these have been thrown out of court as having no merit. But, ultimately, such is the price that one pays for being at the top. Securus has had to ward off attacks before and it will continue to do so into the future. But, most of all, it will prove its enemies wrong by continuing to provide the best products in the industry.



Madison Street Capital investment played a key role in arranging minority equity and subordinated investment for ARES Security Corporation. ARES is a Vienna-based security risk management firm provides wide end to end security software solutions. During January 2017, transaction, Madison Street Capital, which is an international investment banking company acted as the financial advisor in a deal, which saw ARES get minority recapitalization from Corbel Structured Equity Partners. The superior management team in ARES was the major factor that pushed Madison Street Capital to look for an appropriate financing partner for the company.


Moreover, given that ARES is a unique company providing a high-end suite of technology solution that protects the most critical assets in the world, the firm deserved to get such a financial boost. The ARES president Ben Eazzetta expressed his sincere appreciation for the great work that Madison had done since 2016. In particular, he was impressed by the excellence of Madison in the entire process from the initial due diligence, valuation analysis, and the capital raising process. Additionally, the president said that they are happy about the future since they have the right financial partners courtesy of Madison Street Capital reputation. The financing will help ARES in creating a considerable equity value through capitalizing on additional revenue opportunities within Corbel’s deep industry links.



About Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a reputable international investment banking conglomerate committed to ensuring quality standards of integrity and service. The Chicago-based organization has been in business for over 12 years, gathering significant market experience. The firm specializes in providing corporate financial advisory services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition service, and valuation services to both private and public businesses in Africa, Asia, and North America. Additionally, the firm also provides quality services in fairness opinions, solvency options, capital raising, portfolio valuation, restructuring as well as debt placement. The organization has unmatched skills in partnering with middle market firms in various industries and niche markets ensuring that their clients get the best possible outcome.


The company has an employee size of over 150 experts who analyze the needs of each customer, develop the best match between the sellers and buyers organize for necessary financing as well as creating capitalization structures that maximize the client’s potential. This excellent skill puts their customers in the best position to excel in the market. Madison Street Capital has a team that researches on the emerging markets, which are crucial aspects driving the worldwide growth of their clients. Over the years, the firm has earned an undisputable trust of their customers globally due to their steadfast commitment and high-quality professional standards. Madison Street Capital also considers the interest of the community in their investments. They have been involved in various charitable activities. The company has partnered with United Way, a Disaster Fund service provider that provides emergency assistance such as shelter, food, financial stability, education, and health.


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Direct sales consultants for the Traveling Vineyard are some of the best sources of information for wine connoisseurs. People that are accustomed to discovering new wines will find that the Traveling Vineyard is the best source for helping people get exactly what they want. There are lot of wines out there to consider, but the Traveling Vineyard is the type of company that makes it possible for people to embrace delectable wines without leaving their homes. This is possible because these are mobile sales people that are out and about.

Sometimes finding a good wine is a hard thing to do. People may not always have the access to get to places where some of their favorite wines may be. Consumers that are lovers of wine are not going to want to travel to go just to get access to the wines that they are interested in. It is much better for people that are trying to build their wine collection to consider what the Traveling Vineyard has to offer. This is a company that has consultants that are spaced out throughout the United States, and these consultants are able to provide their expertise on what might be great for a dinner party or a special night out with a spouse.


These consultants have been prepped by other experienced consultants in the field, and they have a wealth of knowledge because the Traveling Vineyard provides many resources for new consultants to learn. This is much better than trying to research different ones on your own. The consultants are there to give you a feel for the different wines that are available and there are also hosting parties where you can actually taste what is going to suit you best.

The great thing about connecting with these consultants is that they give you the opportunity to establish a wine membership. This is the chance for you to acquire multiple types of wines that can fit different occasions. You don’t have to spend time running out to a wine store when there is an occasion. You can simply sign up for the wine membership via the wines consultants and build your own wine collection.

There are lots of different types of wines for people to consider. It makes sense for the Traveling Vineyard to establish and way for consumers to acquire knowledge on what is actually available for various activities and occasions.

Passion fruit is a tropical plant native to South American countries, such as Brazil and Argentina. Not only does it taste absolutely delish and refreshing, it serves a variety of purposes and can nourish the skin topically. This article will discuss the amazing benefits of passion fruit and why it is such a great ingredient in a lip balm.

Passion fruit has a cooling effect. This is especially helpful when the lips sore and dry. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits. The fruit extract can soothe the lips and restore their moisture balance.

It is also rich in vitamin A which can increase cell turnover and stimulate collagen production. You will find vitamin A as a staple ingredient in many powerful anti-aging products for this very reason. Applying vitamin A to your lips can improve their volume over time and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

It also contains vitamin C and an array of B vitamins. These can also assist with improving skin tone and texture. The antioxidant content is able to fight free radicals which cause aging. Passion fruit also contains trace amounts of the mineral copper, which can also increase collagen production when combined with vitamin C.

The Evolution of Smooth takes the extract of this amazing fruit and infuses it into its Organic Smooth Sphere Passion Fruit formula. The potent extract allows you to fully enjoy the skin nourishing benefits of the fruit.

The EOS lip balms are also all natural and organic. They are free from harsh chemicals and preservatives that can be found in the most popular lip balms. Instead of using petroleum as a moisturizer, EOS lip balm uses several different all natural oils. These oils include olive, jojoba, shea butter and coconut. These oils have essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients perfect for sensative lip skin.

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