There are many benefits associated with unrefined, yellow shea butter. Not only does the moisturizer replenish the skin, but it also promotes hair growth and health.

What’s in Shea Moisture?

Shea butter contains linoleic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid among other nutrients. The moisturizer also has various vitamins that protect against the sun’s rays and other natural elements that can be damaging to the body when excessively absorbed by the skin.

How does it benefit hair?

The ingredients of shea butter are also great for the hair. Many individuals who have followed a regimen that included the moisture have reported hair growth and strength. Some have even tried shea butter after being diagnosed with extreme cases of alopecia and found favorable results.

One of the reasons why shea moisture is such a wonderful nutrient for the hair is because of its coating abilities. The butter serves as a sort of glaze that repels heat and harmful chemicals. You can use the blow dryer and straightener in moderation without worrying about heat damage or hair loss so long as you apply shea butter before styling strands.

About Eu’Genia
If any company knows a thing or two about shea moisture, it is Eu’Genia. Founded by former Wall Street analyst, Naa-Sakle Akuete, Eu’Genia offers the purest form of shea butter around.

Shea nuts that are used for the company’s line are supplied by a corporation that is run by Naa-Sakle’s mother. Many of the women who work at the supply company are mothers themselves and understand the power of shea butter when the product is given to consumers in its purest form.

Michael Zomber is a well known writer, historian and activist for world peace. During his career he has produced a documentary film, wrote numerous screenplays, a couple of novels and has also been a commentator on shows on the history channel. Zomber is very knowledgeable of weapons such as guns and samurai swords and also warfare. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to educate people about weapons and warfare with his collection of firearms. While he is a very knowledgeable individual of weapons he is also very understanding of the negative aspects of weapons and warfare and therefore promotes world peace.

One of the things that Micheal has done in his career is provide education and knowledge about firearms and swords. He has been collecting weapons from a number of different eras for over forty years and therefore has a lot to share in terms of weapons knowledge. Therefore he has become a weapons and warfare historian. His main knowledge specialty in weapons and warfare is Japanese samurai and guns from the Civil War era. As a result he will be able to provide lots of insight to people who are gun enthusiasts as well as those who are very interested in Japanese samurai.

Zomber has also been quite active in writing. During his career he has wrote numerous screenplays as well as a couple of novels. These novels have been about the Japanese Samurai and guns from the Civil War. With his novels and screenplays he has had the opportunity to not only share knowledge but also make creative stories about the knowledge that he has accumulated. Therefore Michael gives people a very interesting perspective in not only commentary but also stories that bring this knowledge to life. Michael has also done a documentary film about the Japanese Samurai as well.

As his Facebook indicates, Micheal lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and two children. Before he began his career as a historian and writer he studied English literature and Psychology at the University of California Los Angeles. Zomber earned a Bachelor’s degree in these two fields along with a Master’s degree in English literature. While Zomber is quite interested in weapons and warfare he is quite aware of the consequences of such things and therefore looks to help keep the world a safer place. As a result he has participated in a number of organizations that help promote peace.

Venezuela has long been a large provider of oil throughout the Americas. Most of Central and South America receive their oil from Venezuela. For years, the United States has asserted pressure on Venezuela keeping countries from buying oil from the country, but in recent years countries have been more willing to negotiate. Recently, Venezuela signed a new deal with the Trinidad and Tobago.
Nicolas Maduro has made major differences in Venezuela and he hopes to build the countries reputation. According to the Latino Show Magazine, he recently started negotiating with his counterpart for Trinidad that will help enrich both countries.

Trinidad and Venezuela have announced a major partnership between the two countries oil industries, and in both security and commerce. The two countries share a border and this partnership will ensure that both companies can enrich each other and stay more secure.

The partnership is mostly focused on natural gas extraction and exportation. The agreement is aimed at getting fast results for both sides, so that the citizenry will be enriched.

The two countries also want to increase trade through their borders, and they reached an agreement that would allow more trade to travel through their border. This opening up of trade is rare for both countries, but could make a huge difference for both sides.

The agreement between the two countries should make a major difference for both sides, says expert Luque. The trade agreement will bring food to the people of Venezuela and Trinidad.


Conservative activist James O’Keefe’s plan to infiltrate the Open Society Foundations that is funded by billionaire, philanthropist George Soros has been exposed. According to a report by Arturo Garcia of Raw Story, the plan was thwarted right on its track after O’Keefe forgot to hang up his phone during a telephone conversation with an OFS representative. During his conversation, O’Keefe’s identified himself as “Victor Kesh”. He told Dana Geraghty that he was a Hungarian American keen to support the organizations endeavor of promoting European values and other popular positions. Whilst listen in on the 10 minute “off-camera” audio O’Keefe was heard telling an unidentified person, details about his elaborate plan.
Read more: BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

He said that he plans to make hundreds of calls of a similar nature. O’Keefe was also heard saying that he will open a LinkedIn page with Geraghty’s name to ease his way deeper into George Soro’s organization. Before “ending” the call, Kesh requested Geraghty to give him the details of a contact person in the organization. Geraghty was astonished by the revelation that a group of men were planning to use her identity as an entry point to infiltrate the organization she served diligently. To counteract the plan, she quickly forwarded the voicemail to Chris Stone, who is the president of the organization. Chris ridiculed O’Keefe’s attempt as an underhand tactic and scam designed to denigrate Dana Geraghty and the Open Society Foundations. News of the revelations first appeared in the New Yorker Magazine.

About George Soros and the Open Society Foundations

George Soros is a world renowned investor, author and philanthropist with Hungarian and US citizenship. He is best known as the Chairman of Soros Fund Management and Chairman of Open Society Foundations. According to excerpts from Wikipedia, Soros Fund Management made a profit of $1 billion by short selling 10 billion pounds during the infamous Black Wednesday UK Currency Crisis. Forbes ranks George Soros as the 27th richest person in the world with a fortune estimated at $23 billion. His organization, the Open Society Foundations are present in over 100 countries, and runs on a budget of over $800 million as of 2011. The organization works to promote the fundamental values of the open society such as transparency and human rights. Visit to know more about George Soros

George Soros is also well-known as the founder and supporter of progressive ideas, liberal political causes and philanthropy. He started his philanthropic work in 1979 by sponsoring Black students in apartheid South Africa, pursue higher education. As an accomplished writer, Soros has written several books, essays and articles on various topics, including; open societies, economics, globalization, politics, philanthropy and society. According to his bestselling books include “The Crash of 2008 and What it Means”, “The Tragedy of the European Union”, “The Age of Fallibility” and “Open Society”. Many of his articles have appeared in major magazines and newspapers around the world. Soros holds a Bachelor of Science degree and a Master’s in Science in Philosophy from the London School of Economics.

Brian Bonar Proved His Ability to Lead Dalrada Financial by Receiving the Who’s Who Executive of the Year Award

Before Brian Bonar was named Cambridge Publishing’s Executive of the Year for 2010/2011, he had more than 27 years of experience in the financial industry. His professional career started in 1984 after receiving a master’s degree and doctoral degree in International Business Development from Stafford University, in England.

He served as Executive Director for four years at QMS, Inc.; and later in 1988, joined Rastek Corporation and served as vice-president of Sales and Marketing until 1990. Presently, Mr. Bonar is Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has held leadership roles for the company since 1995, which proves his ability to lead one of the top international financial service providers.

Dalrada Financial originally released the news about Brian Bonar receiving the Who’s Who Executive of the Year Award to PR Newswire, on July 21, 2010. At the time, Mr. Bonar oversaw a team of employees and full operations of Dalrada. He was chosen as one of two award recipients in the financial category because of his leadership attributes, accomplishments, and academic achievements.

Before Bonar received his MBA and PhD from Stafford, he obtained a BSC degree in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University, in Scotland. Mr. Bonar also holds executive positions with Trucept Inc., Amanda Company, Allegiant Professional Business Services, and Smark-tek Automated Services.

Dalrada Financial Corporation is headquartered in San Diego, California and provides global services, including insurance management, company management, financial management, and employee benefits. The company relieves businesses of management duties by acting as a Marketing Liaison to outsource employee programs & managerial services. Businesses are able to reduce administrative and payroll costs, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency. As a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) client, Dalrada Financial professionals will process and report payroll and benefits.

In 2015, Brian Bonar was thrilled about his accomplishments serving as the CEO of Trucept Inc. He announced in June of last year that the company experienced an increase in assets by $2 million. Revenue increased by $1 million during the year and there was a $100 thousand increase in cash and receivables –

Brian Bonar is known in the financial industry as a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He has nearly 32 years of experience holding executive and chairman roles and overseeing companies, including Dalrada Financial, Trucept, and Amanda Company. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of the Year Award in Finance validates Brian Bonar ability to lead his team of professionals for approximately five or more companies. Cambridge Publishing recognizes companies and present honorary awards to outstanding financial executives yearly. Two men and two women were named 2010/2011 Finance Executives of the Year. Mr. Bonar was one of the well-deserved male award honorees.

There’s no doubt that some of us are just a little less lucky in the hair department. Yes, i’m talking about us gals who have hair that is on the fine and also very oily side. For all our efforts, we frequently have days when we feel stuck with a head of hair that is lank and flat and unmanageable. It isn’t much fun and it can be frustrating.
If all the television commercials about hair products are to be believed, there are millions of women out there who love swinging their luscious, high volume hair around, but that’s a club I don’t have entry to.

Given all that, it was time to try something new, which is why I decided to give
the Wen by Chaz ( cleansing conditioner product line a try. These hair care products combine shampoo with conditioner and they come in all kinds of wonderful scents like Sephora Fig, Lavender, Cucumber Aloe, and Tea Tree. The Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is especially appealing to me, so I tried it.

The Wen product requires more per washing, so you pump out quite a bit into the palm of your hand before washing. This product has no harsh chemicals though, which was a big relief.

I used the product daily for a week, and by the end of the week my hair was light and fluffy, instead of lank and oily. I received many compliments on my appearance, and that was a huge boost. My hair also smelled wonderful.

I’m going to keep using Chaz Dean’s products, as I loved the results, and I am planning on using some of the other scents as well. For me, using Wen by Chaz was a win-win experience.

One of the most important causes that occurred in Venezuela under the President Hugo Chavez administration has been to fight illiteracy. The UNESCO announced in 2005 that 95 percent of the entire population of Venezuela was literate. Mission Robinson was created by President Hugo Chavez in 2003. The free government program has taught more than a one and a half million people how to read and write, and this was just in the first 2 years. Marisol Calzadilla, President of Mission Robinson, sees this as a huge accomplishment for Venezuela. It not only makes Venezuela look good to the world for conquering illiteracy, it’s great for the development of the country and the people. Danilo Diaz Grandos thinks that participation in the power of government is strongly based on education and the ability to read and write.
Venezuela’s literacy program is based on the model that was put in place in Cuba explained Diaz Granados. Venezuela has recently taught their literacy program to close to 2.3 million citizens thanks to the effort of over 38 thousand dedicated teachers. Mission Robinson is divided into three sections: Literacy training, primary education, and reading circles for the elderly Mission Robinson graduates. Today, Mission Robinson is focusing on 1,000 prison inmates in 24 prisons who are in need of learning how to read and write. Mission Robinson educates geographically isolated and members of formerly excluded groups. Mission Robinson plans to completely wipe out illiteracy in Venezuela.

Neon lights are bright, flashing in your eyes and drawing your attention. But do you know what’s more bright than neon light? A herd of bio-luminescent unicorns decked out in glitter galloping by on a suspended highway made of retractable rainbows. Yeah. See if you can keep staring at that flashing neon sign with all those unicorns galloping through the sky.

That’s the difference between Lime Crime and the previous generation of cosmetics characterized by the 20th century. Even the eighties have trouble competing with Doe Deere’s new line of highly-colorful cosmetics. And there’s a reason for that: Doe Deere has pulled out all the stops, making her line of pigments, blushes, lipsticks and other cosmetic products so vibrant they can’t be ignored.

It’s Doe Deere’s passion to give women a fuller means of self-expression. She doesn’t look at cosmetics as a tool to hide blemishes and enhance beauty. She looks at them as an expressionistic tool for the moment, to help women make facial design decisions that match their proclivities in the now. If that unicorn of inspiration comes prancing through a girl’s brain, it’s Doe Deere’s hope that she can saddle the sucker and right into the sunset with glitter trailing behind like a silver train.

When one considers Doe Deere’s roots, suddenly the vibrant elegance of her unicorn vision becomes clear. Doe comes from Russia, though she was raised in New York. Now she lives in Los Angeles with her cats and husband. In LA she developed Lime Crime the cosmetic line, but this wasn’t what Lime Crime meant all the time. First it denoted dresses Doe Deere had made herself in 2002, before her and her husband’s band Sky Salt was started and fell through. For only four years they played, and in the emptiness of the band’s demise rose the neon phoenix of Lime Crime cosmetics.

For those who don’t know the history of the word “unicorn”, it comes from “unicornis” which is Latin for “Single-horn”, and is a cousin to the word “bicornis”, which is Latin for “double-horn”. Both terms inform the word we now know as “unicorn”, but when “unicorn” was originally used back in the 1500s, it meant rhinoceros. The difference between Lime Crime today, and cosmetic chains of the past (even those started by other independent women!) is the difference between a prancing one-horned equine miracle and a rhino.

Learn more about Doe Deere by visiting her website

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Wealth Solutions is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm offering personalized, comprehensive financial planning to affluent families, small business owners, and families in Austin. The company has a high presence in New Braunfels, Georgetown, Bastrop, Marble Falls, and Houston. Financial markets are always changing, and the firm has a strong belief that financial strategies must change and adapt as well. Wealth Solutions is always looking for opportunities to offer dynamic, but conservative solutions that enable customers to take part in the positive aspects while still focusing on reducing risk at the same time.

As most customers are approaching retirement and planning for the same, the company understands that the clients’ main goals are to preserve wealth, develop retirement income, and leave behind a legacy to their inheritors. The company’s core objective is to assist their clients to develop a comprehensive financial plan that can help them in achieving their retirement goals.

Behind every success story of a company, there are people working day and night. One such individual is Richard Blair, the founder of Wealth Solutions. His idea was to make a considerable and positive difference in the lives of small business owners, families, and individuals. His wife, mother, and grandmother being teachers Blair was always fascinated by the education world. He witnessed his firsthand the impact teaching can help one to grow in knowledge and confidence. His desire for education combined with his natural aptitude for finance made him realize he could assist people with financial planning and investments.

Upon graduation, Richard Blair immediately went into the financial service industry in 1993, and in 1994, he founded Wealth Solutions to offer objective and unbiased advice to his clients without conflicting interests. Over the years, Blair sharpened his skills and knowledge in retirement planning. He specializes in assisting customers to bridge the gap between planning for and living in retirement. He provides the clients with retirement strategies in income planning so that they avoid common pitfalls. His main goal is to help them chase their dream of a successful retirement. Blair boasts of over twenty-years of experience.

The company thrives in three main areas namely: wealth management, financial planning, and retirement planning. The Wealth Solution team is committed to building a lasting relationship with their customers. They are passionate about their business and are uncompromising in their pursuit of excellence. The team together with his team works hard to ensure that the financial concerns are handled with appropriateness and expediency. The company is located in the beautiful hill country of Bee Cave located west of Austin, Texas.

I have let my dogs try a ton of different foods. There is so much dog food out there. It can be very tiring to see all of the food that dogs are presented with, but I have learned that Beneful is the best. It offers more flavors than all the other foods out there that I have purchased from Wal-Mart stores for my dogs in the past.
I know that some foods work better than others, and it really just depends on the type of dog that you have. I have found that my Saint Bernard eats the Beneful Dry Dog Food Originals ( with real chicken like a champion. I have not see him gravitate towards a lot of other foods from any other brands, but he seems to really appreciate it when I put the Beneful Originals in his bowl.

I have another dog, a hound dog that I picked up from an animal shelter, and I have not discovered any food from Beneful that he would not eat. I have let him try the Beneful Chopped Blends, and he seems to cherish this food. I was surprised since the food contained vegetables. I thought that he would respond to this food the way that humans tend to respond to vegetables. I was so wrong. He has loved the vegetables and the fruit accents that have been embedded in this Beneful brand.

Over time I have implemented Beneful Healthy Weight to keep the calorie count under control. Both of my dogs have taken to this fairly well. I don’t do it all the time, but I certainly see the benefit of occasionally stepping in with the Beneful Healthy Weight brand of dog food. I think that this is an amazing brand that people should consider if they want to make sure that their dogs are staying within a healthy weight. I didn’t think that dog obesity was a thing, but I was wrong. Beneful educated me on the need for this.

I have also let my dogs try products . This is the first wet food meal that I have purchased from