There are a number of tips to live by when planning a successful party, while also making the process more stress-free. It’s important to approach things in an organized fashion, get started early on the prep work, and host an event that will be memorable for the guests.

The best way to stay organized is to create a master to-do list that lists every specific action that needs to be taken during the planning schedule. This includes creating shopping lists and guest lists. It also helps if you create a theme to tie the whole event together into a cohesive whole. Sending out a mailed invite is more fun and personal than sending an email. Many b&m retail and online stores feature lots of unique designs that can tie into your theme.

Having a self-serve bar is a good idea. It gives the guests the chance to concoct their own drinks and is a conversation starter. Another good idea is to also offer a specialty drink that goes with the theme you created for the event. Additionally, appetizers should be relatively simple and can even serve in the place of a conventional sit-down meal.

A kids’ table that includes activities for them to do is a great idea. This also allows the parents to enjoy conversations and activities with others instead of needing to constantly watch over what their children are doing.

Twenty Three Layers is one of the event planning companies in NYC. They provide a suite of services that can plan and manage every aspect of an event for their clients. The party planners at Twenty Three Layers have deep experience in using their creativity to give guests an event that they will always remember.

In addition to planning private events, Twenty Three Layers also has corporate event planners in NYC that can create a dazzling event for any size company. Twenty Three Layers has cultivated relationships with exclusive establishments throughout New York City as well as catering companies and others involved in creating parties. Due to this, Twenty Three Layers has become one of the leading event planners in the city.

The Lung Institute

is a leading treatment center that specializes in lung stem cell therapy. The Lung Institute uses stem cells to treat a wide array of lung conditions such as COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease. The stem cells are actually taken from the patient themselves. Since stem cells can take on the form of almost any organ, they can be used to treat many health problems. Here at the Lung Institute they are used for the various afflictions of the lungs that are listed above.

The way that the Lung Institute implements the uses of stem cells at work in the body is a medically fascinating case. The stem cells are pushed through the veins to the heart and then through the arteries to the lungs. When the stem cells reach the lungs they become trapped and then differentiate into new lung tissue where they then commence in the slowing of COPD emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease. The Lung Institute is at the head of this technology and is widely revered for the implementation of this medical breakthrough!

The Lung Institute

Literally helps patients take a deep breath of relief! The treatment at the Lung Institute is patient centered, and as PR Web explains the patient will be guided and helped every step of the way through the process. First you will receive a consultation, and then the actual procedure begins. The implementation of stem cells in the lungs is an outpatient procedure. The stem cells are introduced intravenously and then travel to the lungs to help aid in the treatment of COPD, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary fibrosis, and interstitial lung disease.

After the procedure doctors at the Lung Institute will keep a close eye on the impact of the treatment, and measure your progress. Monitoring will depend on each individual patient case, and the Lung Institute will monitor your progress on a patient by patient basis. Here at the Lung Institute, we will do everything we can to make sure that you are able to make a quick and speedy recovery and get back to your normal life! Lung stem cell therapy may be the answer for your medical condition!

Check out the Lung Institute Facebook page for more information.


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Helane Morrison is the head of Hall Capital Partners‘ compliance division making sure the company is open and transparent to all investors and regulatory agencies about its financial activity. Morrison has been a perfect fit as General Council and Chief Compliance Officer because of her background litigating cases related to investing and internal corporate operations. She joined the firm because she felt it employed a culture of strong ethics as well as diversity as it is run by several female executives including CEO Kathryn Hall. The company manages over $20 billion in assets and serves corporate, institutional and private investors. Hall Capital Partners has also held strong due to its due diligence during the 2008 housing market crisis.


Helane Morrison started her professional career after graduating from Northwestern University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. She served as editor-in-chief of California Law Review while attending UC Berkley School of Law, and then she started clerking after completing her J.D. Her time as a clerk included sitting in on hearings at the US Court of Appeals in the Seventh Circuit for Circuit Judge Richard Posner, and then moving up to the US Supreme Court where she was highly influenced by Chief Justice Harry Blackmun. The time she spent in this arenas perhaps prepared her for the corporate law practice that she was about to take on.


Her career in private practice began in 1986 when she became an associate at San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She became Partner at this firm in 1991, and the cases she took included corporate litigation, internal audits and suspicions of espionage, securities trading, and other lawsuits and charges against known predatory companies. Her knowledge of securities laws and resilience in court earned her a position as local enforcer for the SEC in 1996.


Morrison’s time with the SEC started seeing big name companies be held accountable for violations and attempts to circumvent regulation. A major fraud case she won was against a McKesson Corp. subsidiary, and she later found Franklin Resources guilty of improper trading. Her willingness to go up against these major firms soon had her promoted from local enforcer to District Administrator, and eventually Regional Director. She decided to join Hall Capital in 2007 because she felt it was time to let the public know there were wealth management companies that did things the right way and were transparent about their business model.


Real Estate Miami Beach is one of the most coveted real estate of the world. They have tons of luxury just about everywhere there. And with Miami Beach and surrounding areas, people can live it up in high end and ultra-posh residences along the beautiful, white sand of Miami Beach.

With Miami Beach real estate, the most discerning buyers and sellers and the elite of the world are attracted to this area as always, and it is a great gateway for Latin America. Miami Beach consists of a world class destination and culture and art which blend with a seductive and seductive vibe. This area is loaded with the most beautiful, historic, and artistic deco buildings. And they have various, uniquely designed residences that are fitting for anyone’s style. The variety of homes of various designs, and they include condos, hotels, single family homes, private islands, and more. Furthermore, there are several top rated public schools within the areas at a private school level to ensure the best for one’s kids.

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About Samuel Strauch

Samuel Strauch is the founder of Metrik Real Estate that is located in Miami Beach, Florida. He has been there since January 2002. This company’s platform consists of three areas, including brokerage, management, and equity and development. Strauch’s career started in banking, and then he joined his family’s real estate firm in South Florida.

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Strauch completed his bachelor of business administration degree in international business at the Hofstra University in New York in 1994. He also completed his studies from the Erasmus University Rotterdam in International Finance and International Marketing, and he completed his studies in business from Harvard University with executive education in Real Estate and Capital Markets.

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The life of Eric Pulier is decorated with one achievement after the other. He is a not only a big-hearted philanthropist but is also an accomplished technologist, columnist and published author. He is a great public speaker and a very successful entrepreneur who has brought together and grown numerous successful startups. In the course of his career, Eric Pulier has successfully actualized many things. He is one of the most brilliant and intriguing tech entrepreneurs alive today.

A Bright Start to a Great Life

Eric Pulier was born and brought up in Teaneck, New Jersey and right from the beginning, he exhibited rare natural intelligence. He engaged himself in computer programming at fourth grade and begun his first company while in High school. It was a database computer company that he begun and he went on to graduate from Harvard University, majoring in English and American literature. His skills as a writer and columnist also started earlier because he was an editor and also wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson. He also enrolled himself in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and graduated as a top 10% in his class, also referred to as magna cum laude, the highest honor awarded in many institutions.

You can also follow him on his Linkedin account:

The Entrepreneurial Life of Eric Pulier

In 1991, Eric moved to Los Angeles and established a company called People Doing Things (PDT). The company was involved in the areas of healthcare, education and other areas specifically through the employment of technology. He also set up an interactive agency known as Digital Evolution in 1988 the company was merged with another company known as US Interactive. He also led the initiative that developed Starbright World, a social network dedicated to children with critical illnesses. Pulier was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to develop and actualize the Presidential Technology Exhibition in Washington D.C. and was a part of Al Gore’s forum on health care and technology. He was also a member of the Clinton Global Initiative. He is known for his leadership in government and enterprise technology and has founded and co-founded a good number of companies with great success.

Eric Pulier and Philanthropic Work

Eric Pulier is also a philanshropist and has made substantial donations to numerous non-profit organizations. He is a member of the board of the X-Prize Foundation. The X-Prize Foundation holds various competitions that provide solutions to the challenges faced by humanity. He is also on the board of The Painted Turtle, which is a camp for kids that hare chronically ill and is involved in numerous other philanthropic organizations and philanthropic efforts.

Todd Lubar is the current president at TDL Global Ventures, LLC a company located in Bethesda, Maryland. While growing up Todd Lubar went to the Sidwell Friends School in Washington DC until later in 1987 when he joined The Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. In 1995 he graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A in speech and communication.


Todd Lubar Launched into the Real Estate industry in 1995 with his first job at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. In 1999 he joined the Legacy Financial Group and with his help the business grew a unit of over 100 million dollars a year in loan volumes. He later opened Charter Funding in 2003, one of the largest privately held mortgage in the US.


In 2005 he accepted a job as the Senior Vice President to Legendary Investments. He formed the Legendary Financial LLC which is an affiliate company to the Legendary property LLC. His involvement in over 7000 transactions allowed him sharpen his abilities to be able to analyze the overall risks of loans and be able to make appropriate decisions.


Todd consequently became involved with the Automotive Scrap Metal Recycling business whose success led to the company being traded in the Public Market Place. In addition, he got involved with businesses such as commercial demolition where he obtained huge contracts from large General Contractors in the country.


Todd has vast experience in business and this has helped him work in almost any environment. Todd currently resides in Bethesda Maryland. He has 2 beautiful children that live in Bethesda as well. Todd loves to add value to whomever he comes into contact with and at the present he has established an industry that is focused on helping people.

This powerful woman who is the global CEO of CP+B is the perfect epitome of women power and success. She has not only been able to scale this ladder in her latest conquest but has also had success in all her former positions at other companies.



As someone who is described as an introvert, you cannot help but wonder how the heck she does it? How did she get here? Well, for one, she is made of tough material and has on occasion been described as steely and unaffected by delicate matters such as the firing of an employee.



The Savior of Wobbling Planes



She has had a reputation of coming into new companies and overhauling them into a reformed state that changes the way we see them. They are usually in transition, and she helps keep them afloat in their new environment.



She creates evolution paths and globalization strategies that make them flourish in an instant. This is the trademark of the woman who loves wearing black and the occasional navy blue, a personal trait that has accentuated her steely countenance and mannerisms.



Her Management Style



When it comes to this particular topic, she can be blunt and focused on what she wants that it appears as if she is insensitive but given the fact that she has gotten the job done is a testament to the success that he methods usually bring.



We would expect such a woman to be celebrated, but that is not the case. She is different and does not fit into the categories of female CEO who are a cliché in society. She challenges the system and norms.



This has caused her to be cast in the light of a ruthless leader who gets the job done abut at the expense of a few people who criticize and try diminishing her work. She has admitted that a less steely approach could be good, but she is too authentic and straightforward to fit that mold.



The 3% Conference



This is the conference that champions for female talent and leadership. Obviously, she would be featured here. She has been lauded as one of the women in the 3% of the world’s women leaders. She is the role model that young girls look up to.






Despite the remarks about the way she runs her ship, she is a woman who always gets the job done, and that alone is enough to crush the critics. Suffice to say that ‘there is an aspect about a woman who is a leader and behaves in a certain way that is okay for a man but not a woman.

Jim Hunt is a professional investment advisor who runs a company called VTA Publications. Hunt has learned many tricks to investing over the years, and he once sat down with the founder of Ideamensch to discuss why he started his company. Hunt wanted to take his investment secrets and share them with less knowledgeable investors, more so because he had seen how the big banks took advantage of them. In his typical day he listens to ideas that his customers want, and after much research and planning written on Hunt brings ideas to life in a relaxation moment. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts tutorials on making trades and learning what the numbers mean.

Jim Hunt VTA Publicationsbelieves stock trading can be made easy when various principles are followed, and he decided to start up two programs at his company to demonstrate this. He first started up “Wealth Wave,” a program that explains how to invest and trade in bear market, and the two most important phone calls to make during this time. Jim Hunt VTA Publications also started up “Making Mum a Millionaire” which shows how using only 10 trades can lead to becoming a tax-free millionaire. But Hunt’s company has done so much more.

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is where those who are ambitious can learn how to invest without the constraints of a bank or stock broker firm. Several subjects are covered at this company, including retirement planning where you can learn about retirement planning and how the bible is a guidebook for it. You can also learn how to read stock charts and execute important trades, and if you choose you can also purchase information on little-known trading options and strategies. You’ll also get access to special DVD’s of VTA Publications seminars featuring some of the world’s savviest entrepreneurs. To find out more about ordering the materials, visit

Fighting to overcome the many challenges human beings go through is something that takes effort from different professionals and entrepreneurs. Jason Hope is one among entrepreneurs who have invested in the business of offering solutions to the many problems humans have been facing.

He is a prolific professional with many years working as a technologist and offering solutions to different problems facing the world. His take on developing the world and eliminating problems has been that there is need to work on the development of new structures that reflect the future rather than the present moment.

His company has been working on projects of different nature, ranging from software development to desktop and mobile applications. Jason Hope works with a qualified team of professionals, who draft solutions to the different problems that are presented by clients from various places. He has also ventured a lot in internet of things and believes this is one of the fields of technology that will develop and grow better in the near future. Most of his projects are inspired by the need to make a better tomorrow and a world that will inspire more individuals to achieve their goals.

Helping upcoming entrepreneurs
To help young entrepreneurs access growth opportunities, Jason Hope came up with a program where they are able to upload their ideas for review then selection. Those whose ideas pass the criteria set are given the support of professionals in different capacity and are able to overcome the many challenges that come with running a new business. The opportunity also brings together investors from different industries who choose the ideas they are most interested to offer financial support.

Humanitarian support
Additionally, to achieve all his goals Jason Hope has been investing a lot in philanthropy to also help others achieve their goals. He works with different philanthropic foundations to submit support to those who are in dire need of help. He also extends personal guidance and support to allow different people to get growth opportunities and a chance to make their lives better. Jason Hope has been working on developing a system that gives room for the needy to advance their lives.

Learn more about Jason Hope:

In the state of Ohio there are few real estate agents that are more accomplished or better known than Tammy Mazzocco. Given her great success within the industry many wonder how she became so good at what she does, but to answer that question we have to look to her past business experience.

Ms. Tammy Mazzocco got her start in the real estate industry at the well known commercial firm, Edwards Realty Company where she worked diligently as a secretary. The boss of the place was a man named, Mike Zelnik who had made a name for himself within the industry due to his business acumen and personal dynamism. After Ms. Mazzocco learned all that she could from her mentor, Mr. Zelnik, she used her experiences at Edwards Realty as a springboard and quickly transitioned into condominium management for SY Condominiums.

According to Google, it was during this time that she was recommended to apply for a real estate license by Ken Cook of the successful Cook Real Estate Agency. She took Mr. Cook’s advice and vigorously through herself into a study of real estate and passed with flying colors and then moved on to work for T & R Properties as a apartment and warehouse supervisor. After gaining her chops there and under the further tutelage of well known and respected realtor named, Joe Armeni of Columbus, Ohio. From there she finally had both the aplomb and know-how to set out on her own in 1999 when she began working for Judy Gang and Associates where she continues to whirl deals to this very day all across New Albany, Ohio.

Ms. Mazzocco credits her numerous mentors, specifically those who worked within the Real Estate industry as well as developing the ability to stop taking every aspect of her work as dead-eyed serious life and death struggles as the most inspirational and motivating experiences which propelled her to the spectacular success she enjoys to this day. For more info, click