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IM Academy Providing FREX Education Online

IM Academy which has its corporate headquarters in New York was formed in 2013. It was a small start-up by foreign exchange experts Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry. Their aim was to make foreign exchange education easily accessible online. With clients using a subscription method. Since the company’s formation, it has grown to an active subscriber’s base of about 225,000. They use its services and educational products.

IM Academy now has an international network and market. It comprises many subsidiaries around the world. The company started as a remote operation and it has kept its remote feature for its employees. A feature that has served it well during the COVID-19 pandemic. This also allows the company to save on office space expenses. And is able to recruit the best talent from around the world.

IM Academy offers learning modules it terms academies as its core products. The academies are four different training programs available on the IM Academy website. New subscribers access the programs through referrals from a subscriber. Or one of the company’s independent business owners (IBO).

An FRX Academy is only one part of the IM learning academies program. This academy teaches students who are new the foreign exchange basics. There is also an HFX Academy that teaches students about high-frequency exchange. Then there is the DCX Academy. It teaches about digital currency exchange and the basics of DCX trading.

An ECX Academy also educates students about e-commerce. And how to build and manage your online business. These four academies of IM Academy exist as a multi-level marketing network. It sells its services and products through its network of independent sales representatives.

The IM Academy online site is its main online presence. It is also where its Independent Business Owners (IBO’s) and customers can log in to their accounts. Click here to learn more.


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