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Edgard Corona and his venture into health and fitness

Given the fact that the Portuguese are famous for their soccer skills, you will assume that most of the nationals are members of a fitness center, right? Wrong. Surprisingly, the number of people with a gym membership is less than 5%. This however provides a perfect area for investors looking to start-up health and fitness companies, as they will be able to capitalize on this opportunity.

Edgard Corona is the founder of SmartFit, which has expanded to multiple Latin American countries such as Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, and is doing well in terms of revenue. He founded the Bio Ritmo chain back in 1996, without having any prior knowledge in the sector. Before he ventured into the world of fitness, he was a chemical engineer and managed the Corona family’s sugar mills.

SmartFit has been able to reshape the way people exercise in the country, instilling a certain pressure on the market to completely transform and shift of this mode of fitness. Most gyms in the country had poor structures and offered terrible conditions to use, at the same time being quite costly. With this, Edgard Corona was able to see a niche in the fitness market.

Edgard Corona has made it known that the routine he has developed in his company is a model that does not need his presence to function daily. This approach has proved to be successful and has been able to challenge everyone in the company to grow and work independently without supervision. With this, they have also been able to achieve customer satisfaction, which is the top indicator of the future of the company. Go Here for related Information.