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Edgard Corona And His Success In The Fitness Industry

Edgard Corona is a big name in the fitness industry. He is the CEO of Bio Ritmo Group and SmartFit Gym, a well-known company that has signed millions of clients for fitness. According to Business Reports, Edgard’s firm is among the top gyms worldwide and a significant project that has taken the Ritmo Group to the next level in business. Edgard Corona is a creative and innovative leader, and these qualities show in his fitness business.

The pandemic affected the gym, but Edgard Corona was quick to action to restore functionality. He introduced apps and websites where their clients could still engage during their daily routine and interact with trainers. The response was massive, with 26 million users coming on board.

After stabilizing the pandemic, Edgard Corona collaborated with physicians and scientists to oversee and guarantee a safe return of customers to physical practice. One of his enterprising creatives is integrating technology to run the gyms, which most clients enjoy. Edgard replaced physical trainers with TV monitors which facilitate exercise.

They offer guidance and tips on how to implement the workouts effectively. According to reviews, most customers find the idea intriguing and easy to follow through. On the company’s end, they benefit from technology as they save money used to pay trainers.

Another factor keeping SmartFit at the forefront is its strong management and marketing team, ensuring the brand stays competitive. They continuously find suitable locations to open new branches for expansion, making their profile marketable and ultimately successful.

Currently, there are SmartFit units in Brazil, and their network continues in Mexico, Chile, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. Generally, this project defines most of the group’s branding and generates approximately 80% of the revenue. Corona is a visionary leader putting a lot into the industry, as he also leads the business management team that deals with sports, which is excelling as well.