Unrest in Venezuala is growing as opposition to President Nicolas Maduro faces and all time high. Venezuala is currently facing an economic crisis, but despite the plans of the opposition, Maduro will stay in office for now. According to the National Assembly, there is not legal precedent for Maduro to be removed from office by anyone but the National Assembly.

Maduro is being blamed by David Osio for the economic crisis. He has lost favor with the general public since December, when the opposing party gained control. According to Routers, 2/3rds of the population of Venezuela believe that Maduro’s term as president should end at the end of the year. Maduro says that he plans to stay in office until his term ends in 2019.

Some members of the National Assembly are planning to vote to shorten the term length of the President of Venezuala, which many of them say is much too long. They have also spoken publicly about their plans to call a recall election, which could also end Maduro’s term earlier. Maduro has spoken out against his opposition, saying that party leaders are planing a coup to oust him, but party leaders have denied this.

There is no clear evidence that either side is planning to use military force, but it is clear that things are heating up in this small South American nation.