Now a days, the majority of women in the world, whether married or single, have a job. There are women with glamorous and fulfilling careers and women with non-fulfilling occupations, just like with any other man out there in the corporate world. But what about married women? Moms, in a lot of cases, tend to not have a healthy work-life balance since a lot of jobs out there have rigid schedules. And lets also not forget about women who are inclined towards entrepreneurship. For them, going into a business adventure may not be too feasible. Fortunately, there is multi-level marketing business model, which is a low risk opportunity.

QNET, a very successful direct company in Asia, has been developing and mentoring a lot of successful female entrepreneurs for years. And it is still encouraging women from around the world to join the business, vision at the core of QNET’s mission which is to “raise yourself to help mankind.” That idea originates from the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, from which QNET bases its values. Also, QNET offers people the opportunity to work according to their individual schedules, which is very ideal for women with children for example. 

QNET’s mission in trying to develop more female entrepreneurs is beyond of just being noble. According to the USAID, a leading agency from the United States, it is in the benefit of society for women to own businesses, land, have access to education, and have opportunities in leadership positions. Women must have the same rights and benefits, as their male counterparts, in every part of the world. For such reasons, QNET has been a prominent supporter of women’s rights throughout Asia.

Whether for health, wellness, or beauty purposes, QNET offers a verity of products for the purpose of enhancing people’s lives across the globe. The products are offered through QNET’s e-commerce and independent contractors.

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QNET does business in more than 100 countries and has many offices, agencies, and retailers around the world. QNET is very well-known in Asia, especially in the Arabian Peninsula. 

Great news! QNET opens its second agency office in #Myanmar! Read more:

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QNET was founded in 1998 in Hong Kong and has had an outstanding success since then. The company is also affiliated with many associations, such as the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia and the Philippines. QNET is also a strong supporter of sports since athletes represent the core values of the business, which is drive, devotion, passion, and cooperation. QNET recently begin sponsoring the Manchester City Football Club. 

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