U.S. Money Reserve has launched a new and improved site known as USMoneyReserve.com. The website’s new look gives an image of their leadership status in the precious metals industry, while the new features depict the firm’s values of commitment and trust to an unmatched customer service experience. The new design of the website features new photographs of current Head of U.S. Money Reserve, Mr. Philip Diehl, who was the former U.S. Mint Director, as well as a photo gallery with new coins.


The new site is meant to improve further the experience of acquiring precious metals with gold as well as disseminate consumers on the advantages of owning government-issued bullion.


Vice President of Brand and Creative Mr. Ryan Buchanan said that they found a fully-responsive site that gives them access to publishing quality content, interact with their clients more, and sell the best precious metal products via their secure online store. Mr. Buchanan oversaw the addition of the new applications and website design. These features are meant to educate their customers and make acquiring bullion easier.


The growing online stores offer competitive pricing on silver and gold bullion. U.S. Money Reserve also gives PCGS certified coins to the buyer. For more detailed information about grading, purchasing bullion, and coin minting, clients can subscribe to a free gold information kit or visit their Knowledge Center for more details.


With the Client Connect Advantage feature, USMoneyReserve.com can contact its customers live for a personal consultation, provide unique offline releases, assist them in purchasing bullion, and provide secure offline transactions. Their buy-back guarantees are the best in the market because they provide a full refund on certified coins within 30 days. Finally, shipping via USMoneyReserve.com couriers is one of the fastest insured ways to get your bullion.


About U.S. Money Reserve

It’s one of the nation’s biggest private distributors of platinum, silver, and gold that are issued by the U.S. government. It was founded in 2001 and currently stands at the top as the biggest distributor of government issued bullion. Thousands of customers rely on U.S. Money Reserve to change their assets with solid precious metals which are in the form of silver coins and U.S. gold.


U.S. Money Reserve’s boasts of having a uniquely trained team of numismatic professionals and coin researchers who possess expert knowledge of finding the most valuable precious metals purchasers. U.S. Money Reserve is in Austin, Texas.

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