Online, moms are talking about leaving corporate jobs in order to pursue the Traveling Vineyard’s home business opportunity. One benefit that stands out is not having a long commute anymore, it gives a person an extra hour or more each day. Imagine what you could do with an extra hour a day; take a long nap, curl up with a good book or spend some extra time with your family. Having a flexible schedule also another benefit that moms appreciate, especially since kids always need rides to various activities.

If you are a mom who enjoy entertaining, you will like working with the Traveling Vineyard. Working as an independent representative allows you to enjoy wine with friends, the only difference is that you will be their guide, suggesting new wines and helping your friends with food and wine pairings. Successful Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides are skilled at networking, a skill many moms learned in corporate world.

The idea is simple; become a Wine Guide and purchase the Success Kit, which includes wine for two tastings, glasses, a carrier and all of the training materials that you will need to lead a wine tasting. You hold tastings in your home or recruit others to host the tastings, and then take the orders at the end of the evening. The Traveling Vineyard’s exclusive wines affordable, and once the guests taste the wine, they are eager to buy a bottle or two. Simply take the orders and the Traveling Vineyard takes care of shipping the wine to your customer.

In addition to the commissions on your sales at the wine tastings, the Traveling Vineyard provides their Wine Guides their own personal website at no charge for the first three months. Wine tasting guests can reorder their favorite wines on your personal website. With no minimum sales required to remain a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide, you can work part time for extra money or turn your business into a new full-time profession.

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