CVC Brasil and GJP Hotels and Resorts are one of the largest businesses in Brazil and South America, the person running this highly successful company is one of the most revered businessmen in the world, Guilherme Paulus.

Paulus has been recognized by countless foreign governments for bringing jobs and economic stimulus to local business. So, how did Guilherme Paulus create one of the largest travel agencies in all of South America? In this sit-down interview with Guilherme Paulus, we delve deep into his mindset and future plans for the company.

How do you stay productive?

Brazilian entrepreneur, Guilherme Paulus states that keeping himself close to the heart of the business is what allows him to stay on course and do meaningful productive work on a daily bases. The constant communication between staff and other hotel employees allows him to stay relevant not only in his own business but in the wishes of hotel guests as well.

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How did you get the idea for CVC?

Much of his idea for the company is credited to his longtime partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who he one day shared a boat right with. Carlos mentioned that he was thinking of opening up a travel agency, however, he needed someone to do the heavy load, knowing that Guilherme was not in the position to offer an investment they would both decided that his part investment would come in the form of creating most of the logistics early on. It was not until a few years later that Guilherme would venture on his own. Currently, he is the chairman of CVC Brazil.

What is one of your best business strategies?

Never focus on one market, says Guilherme. He further adds that his company would not have grown as much as it did if he did not also focus on domestic tourism. For example, in the early ’80s and ’90s, CVC bought over 100 thousand seats on VASP and would then go on to encourage domestic tourist to travel through the air instead of ground transport, needless to say, but the project was a huge success with all those seats selling out within months.

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