Andy Wirth is highly regarded as a successful businessman and athlete. As the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Wirth has had an large amount of success with corporations. His business life on, however, is not the only place Wirth has overcome life’s challenges. As an avid athlete, Wirth often participates in a variety of sporting activities, including sky diving. One one sky diving trip Andy Wirth’s life changed significantly due the fact that he sustained a serious injury. While most individuals who hear Wirth’s story are inclined to believe that this injury was one of the worst things to ever happen to him, Andy Wirth on ironman maintains that it was a challenge he needed to face and overcome.

Andy Wirth was enjoying a common sky diving trip with his friends when his life changed forever. Andy Wirth was forced, after jumping from the plane, to land in a vineyard which is a dangerous place for sky divers to land. Wirth was impaled by a large pole that the vineyard owners were using to promote the growth of the grape vines. Wirth described the incident during an interview about surviving sporting accidents on He stated that blood immediately started rushing out of the place on his arm where he had been pierced. His history as a country ranger had made him familiar with isolated trauma incidents and he knew that it was important for him to keep calm and not resort to a state of shock. Andy Wirth kept himself calm by humming the words to a pop song he knew and waited for help to arrive. He also kept the vital artery in his arm plugged with his fist, knowing that allowing the artery to bleed freely would probably lead to his death on through loss of blood. It took nearly 20 minutes for someone to find Andy Wirth in the vineyard. Wirth has, however, taken a possible tragic situation and used it to grow.