Following a string of success in the car rally championship in Brazil, Rodrigo Terpin has established a name in the motorsport. Consequently, he has impacted the image of Brazil to the outside world. His influence has created a new image to the public. Nevertheless, nothing has brought more attention to the family and even the rally driving family such as the news of the Giaffonen family entry into car rally manufacturing. As perennial makers of the stock cars, their decision to venture into this side of the world. It came after a long consultative meeting with Rodrigo Terpin who gave their initiative a clean bill of health.

Venturing into the Business of Manufacturing Cars

Since the early 200, the family has enjoyed a streak of brilliant performances in Brazilian motorsport in the asphalt category. The decision to enter into the T1 category that constitutes off-road competitions also comes from Rodrigo Terpin’s success in this kind of game over the years. When ZequinhaGiaffone was asked how he came up with the idea, he asserted that he wanted to make the motorsports industry competitive as the MEM Motorsport. Since MEM had already taken its space in Brazil, they could assure rally drivers of offering them nothing but the best when it came to manufacturing.

Manufacturing the 4 X 2 Cars

With an intention to manufacture the 4 X 2 car, that can penetrate the gravel and dirt roads in Brazil, approaching Rodrigo for ideas and endorsement was inevitable. “Rodrigo Terpin is already a brand as far as the T1 category of the car motorsport championship becomes a concern,” ZecaGiaffone asserted. The approach would ensure that marketing their new product soon could be easier as they plan to manufacture one of the cheapest off-road cars in Brazil. In this initiative is Carlos Col, another Sertoes Rally household and the person behind the success of the Stock Car Cars (SCC). As a close friend of Rodrigo, he has promised to join the movement into manufacturing viable off-road cars. Through this venture, there will be an imminent expansion of not only the automotive industry but also the motorsports sector. You can his Facebook page.

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