Marc Beer, the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Renovia, has announced that the company has successfully secured $42.3 million in funding from private investors. The money will be used to help further their work, including clinical trials, product development, and any commercial launches set for the future. Renovia specializes in developing therapeutic devices and diagnostic tools for treating pelvic floor disorders in women, such as urinary incontinence, and was co-founded by Marc Beer and other medical professionals.


Funding for Renovia’s work was granted by a number of different organizations, including the Longwood Fund, Inova Strategic Investments, and Western Technology Investment. Marc Beer has noted that the funding consists of $32.3 million in Series B funding, as well as $10 million in venture lending. Some of the investment groups have worked with Marc Beer and Renovia previously, while others are new. Learn more:


Marc Beer has commented that the funding will help the company deliver its goal of low-cost, highly-effective healthcare to women suffering from pelvic floor disorder, while ensuring that Renovia is able to commit to developing further technologies and products that will improve the quality of life for women struggling with these disorders. The funding also means that the company can commit to clinical trials to ensure proper research into these life-changing conditions can be carried out.


Renovia was co-founded by Marc Beer, Ramon Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorie in 2016 with the goal of better understanding women’s pelvic floor disorders and providing new strategies for diagnosis and treatment. The company has developed a cutting-edge, FDA-cleared device that assesses the movement and positioning of the levator plate in the pelvis, which helps provide feedback to the doctor and patient in real time, increasing the likelihood that treatment options will be successful. This device also offers the ability to collect actionable data on the patient’s progress.


Before taking on his vital position at Renovia, Marc Beer was also the founding CEO of the biotechnology company ViaCell, which specializes in preserving stem cells from umbilical cords. He has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical diagnostics. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Miami University (Ohio).


Chainsmokers is a duo group producing EDM music that is a blend of pop, dance, hip-hop, and indie music. The duo is made up of DJ Alex Pall and writer / vocalist Andrew Taggart. They formed the duo in 2012 after finishing college. Amusingly enough, the name of the duo comes from the fact that at one point they really enjoyed smoking pot. Their first performance was in 2014 and their first hit was “Selfie”, which made it onto the charts both internationally and domestically. This is the song that launched their career and has allowed them to establish themselves in the dance / electronic song realm. This led to signing a deal with Disruptor Records (which is joint with Sony Music) and continued success with their newly released songs off their album.

The duo has received multiple accolades from Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards. They have released five songs in 2018 from their breakout debut album, Memories…Do Not Open. The most recent song is “Side Effects”. It is a bubbly song that follows a woman who is working night shift and her rebellion to learning she has to work over the weekend. It has a fun, catchy beat with entertaining lyrics. It features Camila Mendes dancing throughout the hotel and even swimming in the hotel pool – skirt and all. It is fun and witty, keeping up with the standard the duo has established in the music industry.

Chainsmokers is also enjoying a number of concerts in the United States. They seem to be gaining more popularity and sometimes it just takes one hit to take a group or duo over the top. In addition to their first album, they are getting ready to release a second album that is sure to have some hits on it as well.


The SD11, DiGiCo console made its first appearance on the road tour of Clayton Hutson and Staind frontman and founder, Aaron Lewis.



To promote his album, Town Line, which was circulated in March 2011 the tour took Lewis in shows that were sold out from honky tonks, festival bills, casinos with 700 seats, churches and a 50,000 seat capacity arena with Clay Hutson who is responsible for production and FOH Monitor engineer.


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In the past years, Clayton Hutson has toured with other celebrities. And was able to bring his console. Unfortunately for this particular tour, he has to leave behind his console because of budget restrictions. Since he is used to DiGiCo, he is not comfortable with equipment that is provided in-house.



Clay Hutson said that during his tour with Marilyn Manson a decade ago, he knew that having a newly purchased console was risky, but the DiGiCo worked incredibly well and he has been using the equipment since then.



And because he was not able to lug his console this time, he searched the internet for a console that is small enough to be taken on the tours that he will be working on. The equipment must be compact enough to fit as baggage on airplanes and can be easily placed on the carriage underneath the tour bus. Clayton Hutson explained it is difficult to have the consistency and control he wishes to achieve with any other console that some company provides. Learn more:



Then he was able to find the DiGiCo SD11 which is 19”. It is the tiniest equipment from DiGiCo that incorporates good sonics, functionality, and features, and best of all it is compact enough to conveniently carry around. So he requested that the SD11 be purchased by the management, and a couple of days later on a show day, the console appeared. And in 15 minutes time, he got the console working the way he wanted it to be.



Clayton Hutson’s desire to have the best console while on tour is supported by sound reasoning which according to him is that it does not matter whether the show will be done in a large or small venue, what matters is he can provide the best service that is expected of him. And he can only accomplish that with the presence of a reliable sound system that has been proven time and again by DiGiCo, his partner in success.