Cotemar S.A. de C.V. is a company established in 1979 and has a base in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. The company provides services in areas of offshore oil fields development and using its specialized vessels the company maintains and rehabilitate platforms and processes that are center to offshore facilities, for instance, semi-submersible platforms. Also, the company gives accommodation and catering services with an addition of support services of the vessels for transportation purposes. The services provided by the firm heavily rely on three divisions that are very strategic and through the integration of the services they offer services to the following market segments:

The Cotemar Specialized Maritime Vessels Services

The services ensure transportation of lightweight materials, nourishment, and personnel and for structures that are large, barges boats and towing vessels are available. Other vessels include firefighting vessel. Safety fast is the policy of Cotemar S.A and as such regular inspections and vessel monitoring of the highest standard is maintained to ensure safety for people on board.

Cotemar Accommodation and Catering Services

Talk of diversity and you are probably talking about Cotemar. The company on it rigs and vessels offers accommodation and catering services. The services include bedding, laundry and cleaning services.

Cotemar Construction, Maintenance, Engineering and Modernization Services

The company focuses on ensuring customer’s offshore rigs and centers of processing are modernized and innovative. The company is detailed thus offers services from the prefabrication and installation of rigs and processing centers to operations commissioning with the support of dynamic positioned semi-submersible rigs with the ability to quickly and timely move to a more complex oil field.

The company’s major priority is to develop not only employees working in the company but also their families. To ensure the employees develop and grow the company takes the initiative to enter into workshop and training agreements that are innovative with Universities found locally and internationally. The company recognizes that it is the efforts of the 8,000 employees working either offshore or onshore that will guarantee the company’s growth and as such efforts are made to attract, develop and retain them.

Employees are fully aware of the benefits of working for such a company. For purposes of career growth and expansion in Mexico, the oil companies are the way to go as there is a huge boom in the industry. Further, there is an increase in the use of technology in the companies. Thus employees can guarantee to take the next technological step with the enterprise.

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