One FreedomPop review is all that you need to get a feel for what this company is all about. It is one of the most interesting companies out there, and people are going to embrace what this company is doing. I think that there are a lot of companies out there that can give people the ability to lower their cell phone bills, but we just have to be honest with ourselves and realize that none, aside from FreedomPop, can offer a person access to free phone service.

I have become a big fan of FreedomPop because it has allowed me to totally eliminate my cell phone bill. I used to be someone that spent hundreds of dollars on cell phone service because I have multiple people in my family that were on the same contract. What I have learned with FreedomPop is that I do not have to spend a dime on cell phone service because I can simply bring my old phone in and start using this service.

The great thing about FreedomPop is that there is no contract and there are no fees associated with canceling your service. It doesn’t matter if you have been with this company for years or only a couple of days. If you decide that you are not interested in the service anymore you can simply call or go to a FreedomPop location and get the service discontinued.

This is the ideal phone service for anyone that may have been struggling to pay their bills in the past. FreedomPop gives people the chance to still have data plans and have access to making phone calls without spending a fortune. Everyone , regardless of whether they think they need it, will need cell phone service at some time. They may find themselves stranded with a car that is broken down. They may find themselves in a dangerous situation where they may need to make a phone call. This is why FreedomPop is such an important company. It gives people that would not consider cell phone service a priority access to this type of service just in case something happens.

The buzz has been spreading about FreedomPop because this company gives people access to wireless home internet service. They no longer have to worry about spending a fortune with an internet service provider because this company provides them with free access to the internet.

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FreedomPop is a new cellular wireless provider that is taking the world by storm. It offers its users access to free unlimited talk, free unlimited text and 500MB of data each month, all for free. It is truly a deal that is the first of its kind. This freemium plan is free for an entire year then only cost $10.99 annually. For only $5.99 on a monthly basis, the user has access to unlimited talk and text, and 1GB of data. With the $5.99 plan users also have a host of other benefits. They are able to have access to over 10 million different hotspots throughout the United States, bring their own device, and use their phone anywhere in the world.

FreedomPop’s whole business model is based off of acquiring data wholesale from a supplier and then passing those savings along to their customer base. They simply make their revenue by selling additional features to the standard packages that come with monthly and annual plans. FreedomPop is ever so prevalent in the U.S. and the UK, but is looking to expand into countries in Asia, Africa, and South America in the upcoming years. This plan is definitely within reach, considering they were able to muster together a second round of seed funding worth $50 million, to further expand. The story was first reported by RCR Wireless. For more information please feel free to click here.