Men and women should be treated equally in the corporate world and must be judged on the basis of their performance, qualification and past track record. However, Susan McGalla, one of the top female business executives in the United States and the founder and head of the P3 Executive Consulting says that even though recruitment situated has gotten better over the years, the glass ceiling problem does exist still. Susan McGalla has worked with some of the top retail corporations in the past, which includes the famous clothing brands such as Wet Seals Inc and the American Eagle Outfitters Inc in the position of CEO and President respectively.

Susan McGalla founded P3 Executive Consulting to help business people as well as companies with their financial decision and management. There are many companies that need outside suggestions and consulting from time to time to get some input on building business strategies. Thanks to the successful career of Susan McGalla, she is one of the most sought-after and highly talked about female business executives in the country and is often consulted for her business expertise, especially in the retail sector. She also provides guidance to other women with respect to their careers.

Susan McGalla says that many people think how it is possible to achieve such high positions in the corporate world as a female, but it is very much possible if you maintain a disciplined life and focus on performance as well as result-oriented. Susan McGalla has been able to prove her mettle as a businesswoman over the years through the results she has provided to the companies she has worked with and her clients. She has always maintained that women should not feel entitled just because they are a woman or else they will not gain the respect of their colleagues.