Messy Beginning

When two Harvard students with a very messy roomie decided to join forces to start an on-demand cleaning business, they had to get their hands into the dirty business of fund-raising to make a go of the concept. With 110 million in venture capital money, all founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua had to do was launch a new business model in two of their targeted 28 markets.

Using an Uber-like format, the co-founders visualized supplying households across America with quality, vetted cleaning services on an as-needed basis, requiring little lead time. This app-based concept was an idea the Hanrahan and Dua were sure would succeed, but they required time and experience to address many painful challenges.

For example, they learned that people evaluate success in cleaning differently from success in getting a lift from one place to another and that satisfying customers was substantially more difficult than anticipated. Software complications in the early stages also made for long, unhappy hours as they tried to match cleaners with assignments, process payments and payroll and manage a large number of customer service calls.

Cleaning up Their Act

Just as was starting to stabilize, capital investments took a nose-dive and the company had another hurtle to jump. They had to make financial readjustments to meet the limited additional influx of funds that included difficult decisions such as laying-off newly-hired employees and replacing some jobs done by humans with bots, about which neither man was happy.

However, taking time to make changes and offering an expanding menu of services such as moving, electrical and painting has set Handy on strong footing. Handy has increased customer density while pausing its expansion into new markets which has at last led to profitability. They still struggle, but now it looks as if they are about to clean up in the competitive home services business. Visit for more info.


There are many benefits associated with unrefined, yellow shea butter. Not only does the moisturizer replenish the skin, but it also promotes hair growth and health.

What’s in Shea Moisture?

Shea butter contains linoleic acid, stearic acid, and oleic acid among other nutrients. The moisturizer also has various vitamins that protect against the sun’s rays and other natural elements that can be damaging to the body when excessively absorbed by the skin.

How does it benefit hair?

The ingredients of shea butter are also great for the hair. Many individuals who have followed a regimen that included the moisture have reported hair growth and strength. Some have even tried shea butter after being diagnosed with extreme cases of alopecia and found favorable results.

One of the reasons why shea moisture is such a wonderful nutrient for the hair is because of its coating abilities. The butter serves as a sort of glaze that repels heat and harmful chemicals. You can use the blow dryer and straightener in moderation without worrying about heat damage or hair loss so long as you apply shea butter before styling strands.

About Eu’Genia
If any company knows a thing or two about shea moisture, it is Eu’Genia. Founded by former Wall Street analyst, Naa-Sakle Akuete, Eu’Genia offers the purest form of shea butter around.

Shea nuts that are used for the company’s line are supplied by a corporation that is run by Naa-Sakle’s mother. Many of the women who work at the supply company are mothers themselves and understand the power of shea butter when the product is given to consumers in its purest form.

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Women like Wengie that are able to apply cosmetics are really paving for women that need help. There are a ton of women that are signing up for social media and also following Wengie on Twitter where she is known as Miss Wen. There is also a full Wengie website as well. This allows her to cover all of the bases in the social media atmosphere. She is young, and she keeps up with all the latest makeup trends. Wengie knows how to stay on top is what is hot, and she is the mouthpiece that serves as an excellent middleman between celebrities and the working class.

Wengie is someone that knows how to check out what people like singer Arianna Grande are doing and duplicate this style. She is then able to tell you how she did it and that helps viewers copy this.