Anthony G. Petrello is known by many in the petroleum industry as the CEO of Nabors Industries. He has been serving the company as an executive since 1991. After serving several different executive positions, he finally became the chairman in 2012. His previous career was with the law firm Baker & McKenzie. He practiced international and corporate law for the firm.

Nabors Industries is a large company that deals with petroleum, natural gas and geothermal drilling. They operate in Africa, North America, South America and East Asia. They also frequently provide offshore drilling services in the Gulf of Mexico. They have hundreds of oil rigs distributed around the United States and Canada. They currently have a huge workforce of over 26,000 employees worldwide.

Anthony Petrello is more than just involved with the petroleum industry, but rather some other exciting ventures as well. He used to serve as the director of, a defunct multimedia company. He is also currently the director of Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony, along with his wife Cynthia, has taken great interest in children’s healthcare due to their own daughter’s illness. Their daughter Carena was diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia since an early age. The illness has also lead her to devlop cerebral palsy. She has had difficulting performing basic tasks like chewing food, but modern research has helped her improve gradually. They have both contributed over $7 million to the Texas Children’s Hospital as well as serving leading roles in the hospital. Since research of the disease is very scarce, they decided to start their own project in their hometown of Houston.

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Human Rights Foundation (HRF) founder, Thor Halvorssen has a long history of activism and has become one of the most recognizable fighters for human rights around the globe. Given his family tree, it is no wonder that Halvorssen has gravitated towards activism.

Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela to activists parents. But his activist lineage goes back even further. His paternal grandfather was a council to the King of Norway in Venezuela during WW II and reportedly got into an altercation with a few Nazis during his tenure.

His mother is a direct descendant of the first president of Venezuela as well as Simon Bolivar, the military leader who helped Venezuela gain its independence from Spain.

The Halvorssen clan has been fighting tyrants and dictators for generations. And they have paid the price for dissent. Halvorssen’s father was thrown in prison after exposing corruption in the Venezuelan government. His mother was shot during an anti-Chavez rally. Even his cousin, Leopoldo Lopez, is being held as a political prisoner for standing up to Hugo Chavez, the one-time despotic president of Venezuela.

Thor Halvorssen is no stranger to governmental persecution and violence. He has repeatedly been detained and roughed up by law enforcement in several countries. Most recently, he was detained and searched after interviewing ThichQuang Do, the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. Do has been under house arrest for 28 years as the government has banned the church.

Halvorssen was arrested and “aggressively” interviewed until he convinced authorities that he was merely a Buddhist convert who was only seeking spiritual instruction from Do.While so many activists today are content with signing an online petition and sharing a hashtag on social media, it is Halvorssen and HRF who are getting their hands dirty, bringing the fight directly to tyrants and dictators all over the world.

Halvorssen founded HRF in 2005 and has been guiding it to fight for the rights of citizens all over the world. Their main focus has always been to protect and promote human rights for every person, with a special focus on closed societies like North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan.


The chief executive officer of JustFab Adam Goldenberg says that this will be a big year for him and his fashion company. Mr. Adam understands what a big year entails since he has had some experience throughout his profession already. In 1999, Adam Goldenberg sold his gaming network company to Intermix Media that was two years old. In 2006, he started internet brand incubator intelligent beauty and after four years, he founded JustFab.

The toehold JustFab has achieved in only four years is an implying signal that the predictions that Adam made for 2014 are indeed true. In 2013 only, the company managed to raise 55 US dollars and purchased the shoe discovery service called ShoeDazzle. Built in LA managed to interview Adam Goldenberg about JustFab’s excellent practices and find out how they have managed to propel the firm’s growth.

What other entrepreneurs should learn from the way JustFab is being operated

Since the executives of JustFab have always been extremely metrics-driven, they have had the ability to learn speedily and acclimatize their business. They look at the numbers regularly, and this has helped in keeping them nimble. If they find out that something is not working correctly, they respond fast and make the required fixes. Adam Goldenberg narrates that he has always been a great believer in full intelligibility in the organization. By allotment of actual numbers with the entire group, it assists every member to understand the strategic changes that must be made and keeps everyone invested in the growth of the company.

How huge of influence have clients played on the company?

From the first day, it is very important that you take the client’s response as part of your business. Some of the initial mistakes came from the pricing of new goods such as sunglasses and jewelry. It is important to have a team dedicated to comprehending the company members and use their opinion to lead our product and merchandising verdicts at

What are the best employing practices at JustFab?

Above everything else, the companies seek for passion. An applicant might appear to be intelligent on paper with a good resume and education; however, if they do not come with an enthusiasm for what they do or for the brand, they will not be successful. That culture is a great part of the achievement.

To keep the team focused and engaged, it is important to pay attention to mentoring and working with the best performing members.

Why People Thrive in Coworking Spaces

Co-working space is where freelances, independent contractors, and remote workers increase productivity. It is a shared work environment unlike a traditional office. Individuals that use this type of office see their work as meaningful. Independent workers often choose the projects they work on giving them more control on what they do.

Most co-working office spaces have many different types of workers working on different projects and for different companies. There is less office politics and the need to put on a work face. It is often energizing to work among other workers that are involved in different creative project. Often community members help each other out using their individual skills and talents.

Often meaning comes from working in shared office space that provides a mission. These work spaces strive to create community, learning, collaboration, and a sustainable work environment. The office spaces give workers a sense of community and purpose. Offices are open 24/7 and give workers control over the hours they work. They can choose to take a break in the middle of the day and the type of physical space they want to work in.

Most workers value the structure it gives their work and the autonomy. Working with other people helps build discipline and routine. Social interaction is another reason that workers like shared office space. Members of shared office spaces can choose whether to socialize or not.

Workville NYC is a shared office space located near Time Square and Bryrant Park. It has office space ready to use, shared offices, and open desks. It has high speed Internet, mail service, 24 hour access, phone, and printers. They have a cafe lounge where workers can take a break or network with clients and other workers. Workers can enjoy taking a break on three different terraces.

It has meeting rooms for consulting with staff and clients. The bar and cafe can be used for many different types of events. It can be used for networking and meetings. The have private offices, virtual mail, conference rooms, open spaces, and more. Workers can choose to work in their own office or open spaces. There are many benefits to working at Workville NYC.

Coriant is a telecommunications company that was founded in 2013. Coriant has headquarters in Naperville and Munich, Germany, as well as the United States. Approximately 3,000 employees work for Coriant and offer their services across the world. Coriant has several products, including edge routing solutions, optical planning solutions, MSPP solutions, intelligent network management and broadband access.

Today, companies have to successfully manage the influx of data traffic from video and mobility applications, as well as the extremely large volume when it comes to “cloud” storage. Businesses have to provide quality services and still make a profit and find solutions in keeping network costs low.

Coriant helps synchronize mobile networks such as LTE and 5G. They stand proud in offering lower power consumption for certain applications and adapt to optical transport with ease. Coriant has over 35 years of experience in service and support worldwide to all Tier 1 service providers. They proudly offer solutions that cover all the steps of a network cycle, including designing, training, planning, implementing, maintaining and simply getting the most out of network management.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the CEO and board chairman of the organization Coriant. Shaygan replaced Pat Dipietro as the heart and soul of the growing company. Shaygan Kheradpir has over 28 years of experience in the telecom industry. Prior to becoming CEO, Shaygan was a vital part in Coriant’s management team, as he spent time as an operating partner at Marlin Equity Partners. The focus for Shaygan is to increase sales of the company’s equipment to match the customer’s deployment of 4G’s and 5G’s.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born on December 19, 1960, in London, United Kingdom, but he grew up in Iran. Shaygan had high expectations at an early age, considering his father was a doctor. Shaygan relocated to the United States to attend college at Cornell University. He studied engineering and subsequently earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree in the field. He landed his first job at GTE Laboratories in 1987, eventually becoming chief financial officer. GTE merged with Verizon in the year 2000, and Shaygan shined as he was directly responsible for reducing Verizon’s technology budget by %2 percent and reducing Verizon’s technology staff by %20 percent. In 2011, Kheradpir became employed at Barclays as Chief Operating Officer. He then worked for Juniper, becoming CEO in 2014. And from there he worked his way up to CEO of Coriant.

Eucatex is a major construction supplier in South America, and their company is currently under the leadership of Flavio Maluf. Flavio is a member of the founding family of the company, and this article explains how Flavio’s background is making the company more competitive than it ever was. Someone of such a varied background offers leadership and perspective that was once not available to people in his position.

#1: Flavio’s Engineering Background

Flavio has an engineering degree from university, and his engineering degree qualifies him to talk to the manufacturing team on their level. Flavio understands how engineering and manufacturing work, and he works with the people who are in Eucatex plants every day. Flavio has the ability to work hands-on with his people, and that ability makes the company more competitive among its rivals.

#2: Flavio’s Business Background

Flavio was not satisfied to simply have an engineering degree after leaving school. He took it upon himself to work for Citibank in Brazil, and his time spent at Citibank showed him how businesses are run. Flavio’s business acumen is much higher than most people with his educational background, and he sees the big picture for his company that others do not. He is willing to streamline operations, work to save money and create new streams of revenue that may not come from a traditional engineer.

#3: Why Must Eucatex Progress?

Flavio is working quite hard to make Eucatex competitive because of major development in Brazil. The World Cup and Olympics have started a development boom in the country that is creating opportunities for everyone. The company is providing paint for large buildings, construction supplies for builders and construction supplies that may be bought in retail locations. Flavio has put the Eucatex name all around Brazil to provide more exposure for the company. Someone who has not yet heard of Eucatex will soon know the name.

Eucatex is a family-owned business that is fortunate to have Flavio Maluf as its leader. Flavio is one of the few people in engineering who understands business, and he took it upon himself to learn both sides of the trade. He speaks directly with the management in all his factories, and he works the boardroom to ensure his company is healthy. Eucatex is sure to be participant in the continued development of Brazil, and Flavio will ensure that the company remains relevant for as long as possible.

Once in a great while a benefactor develops who desires to help others as he or she had been helped. Alexei Beltyukov developed into such a caring and beneficial success story who aids many others in attaining similar success.

He earned his Master’s Degree in 1997 from INSEAD and declares it was an epiphany that opened his mind to business instead of medicine and launched his path to success.

His First Pay Back is Large
Alexei Beltyukov and some of his classmates have collaborated to found The Russian Alumni Scholarship to help out students of their appreciated alma mater. $150,000 has already been pledged. The INSEAD school has now expanded to three campuses.

Beltyukov continues to make inroads and innovations to every part of the business world which he discovered later in life than most successful business giants. He has consistently created new businesses from his own passion and imagination, and each of those businesses have become noteworthy and helped drive his success even higher. Reading the list of his created businesses is like reading a set of building blocks, as seldom does a year go by without an new and intriguing commercial undertaking from the tireless business maker. The respect of the business community is showered upon the fine Russian man who believes in giving back. He often refers to the fact that his own nurturing and assistance enabled him to study while still working to feed his family due the lean years.

Beltyukov also personally uses the social media online such as Twitter to spread the seeds of his philanthropic way of life. Many of his contemporaries as well as new generation students follow his words of paying back on the social media site.

Educational Field Innovation
In April of 2015 Mr. Beltyukov launched SOLVY for high school students which allows teachers to administer customized learning exercises. Students have ability to work online for homework assignments. These exercises have no easy multiple choice questions. Students not only put in answer but must demonstrate their process at arriving at the answer.

Both teachers and students are reportedly very enthusiastic about Mr.Beltyukov ‘s latest creation. He has merged creation of a new business into creation of a new vanguard of education and learning. is another wonderful example of progressive thinking combined with a different way of teaching. Both society and the educational platform need more Alexei Beltyukov’s.

A New Era?
The story of Alexei Beltyukov is even more impressive due to the fact that word of Russian business masterminds is seldom heard in the Western World. Philanthropy is also seldom encountered in reading about successful Russians. The light shining upon this man could be the beginning of a Russian philosophy.  There’s more information on about Alexei and what he’s done.

Investing is done for one reason alone. People want to see a return on the money they have invested. Turning every dollar into $1.07 means net worth has grown. Decades of compounding even a small amount of growth is going to yield good rewards. Unfortunately, some people do make truly terrible decisions with their investing strategies. They go for huge returns on investments, and end up with nothing. To help people avoid making common disastrous mistakes, Brad Reifler has published five very helpful tips.

A deliberate and careful approach has to be taken by anyone hoping to put their money into an investment vehicle. Knowing what the risks are and the common pros and cons about a particular market is necessary before making a decision. Precious metals, for example, do well when currencies are weak. If the currency market was to make a huge rebound, precious metal investments could end up tanking. Performing necessary research and being very careful prior to putting money into anything flat out must be done.

Don’t put money at too high of a risk. Brad says on Twitter that investments are not just about growing money, they are about protecting it. Protect all money set aside for investing. Not doing so could lead to the money being lost.

Wikipedia makes it pretty clear that Brad has a long history with investment.  That’s why he knows that the stock market is easily the most common and most popular choice for an investment vehicle. The stock market is definitely a wise place to put money. Putting all one’s money into the stock market, however, is a pretty bad plan. If the market suffers, then all the money a person has in the world suffers with it unless some of that money is directed elsewhere. Real estate, bonds, and other investment options are available. They should be taken advantage of, even those that pay little interest.

Relying on a professional broker or hedge fund manager is quite common, but something Forefront Capital and Brad Reifler are trying to change. Before allowing anyone to handle any money, perform the necessary research to be sure the individual is reliable. Most professionals are honest and possess integrity. Recent financial scandals have shown their number is not 100%. To avoid falling victim to a scam, always vet those who are handling all money and investment decisions.

Ask all important questions regarding the “why’s” of investing. Some want small returns and security, others are interested in long-term deals, and then there are those who enjoy volatility. Knowing why an investment is being made helps with coming to a decision, the right decision, about what to do with money.