InnovaCare Health is a leading healthcare company that specializes in providing coverage through Medicare Advantage Plans as well as offering physician practice services. The company is lead by physician and chief executive officer Rick Shinto and chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides. Under the leadership Rick Shinto, the company has been able to help provide the best healthcare available by offering comprehensive health coverage to patients and also assistance for healthcare organizations to help them improve their operations. With these benefits, InnovaCare Health has established itself as one of the top healthcare companies in North America over the last few years. Their expertise has helped a number of patients get the highest quality care and have helped healthcare organizations provide the best service available.

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With InnovaCare Health, patients can take advantage of health insurance plans known as Medicare Advantage Plans. These are policies that give patients health insurance coverage through private companies along with subsidies from the Medicare program. As a result, these plans are ideal for senior citizens who are on a budget. With these health plans, patients can use a number of different types of plans such as Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations and also Medicare Medical Savings Account plans. By using these plans, patients can get the affordable access to healthcare they need.

Once a patient gets a Medicare Advantage Plan, they will get comprehensive coverage for many healthcare costs. The plans cover a number of healthcare expenditures such as doctor visits, prescription drugs, surgery, x rays and also MRI’s. Since healthcare can be quite costly, it is important that patients have the financial compensation necessary to easily cover these costs on With all of these expenditures covered, people will be in better position to ensure that they get the medical care they need at an affordable rate.

Along with providing Medicare Advantage plans for patients, InnovaCare Health offers physician practice services. These are services that specialize in helping healthcare organizations operate better and reach their goals. InnovaCare Health will help these healthcare organizations purchase and use the most updated technology, keep medical records more organized and also provide advice on how to give the best patient care. The company InnovaCare Health strongly emphasizes the value of patient relationships as well as using the best tools to ensure that patients get the medical care that they deserve. With physician practice services, InnovaCare Health assists all healthcare organizations in helping patients get the most out of their healthcare experiences.