IAP is a company whose initials represent its name. Integrity and Purpose, IAP. The company is located in Cape Canaveral, Florida that is also home to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Program, NASA, that has a launch pad and rocket facility there on the beach. The purpose of IAP is to supply the complete needs of the United States military personnel deployed in foreign countries.


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Any undertaking of the U.S. military that is engaged in either conflicts or peacekeeping missions operating in foreign countries and especially in the field away from a U.S. military base needs to be supplied with sufficient food, drink, electricity, and communication and entertainment provisions to maintain health and to raise the spirits of these soldiers and keep them in the correct frame of mind.


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Any civilian or tourist living in a foreign country must take the time to understand and adapt to the different customs, practices, and products being used by the locals. The world is not supplied with Cheeseburgers and Cheetos. For soldiers on foreign soil, there is no time to adapt to local standards, and provisioning with American foods, drinks, magazines and entertainment in English must be provided.

This is what IAP Worldwide does and has been doing for the past 60 years. IAP provides a vital and important service, which is made difficult by the thousands of miles between product manufacturing sources and the required destination for those products in the hands and on the tables of soldiers and servicemen and women on foreign lands.

While a civilian tourist may enjoy the assimilation of a foreign culture and getting to know the different foods and drinks; the same case can not be made for soldiers and service people. They must hit the ground running and fighting, and this is no place for underfed and undernourished American soldiers.

IAP Worldwide Services continues to quickly and competently supply soldiers and servicemen and women with products that feed and nourish but also give those service men and women a sense of being back home again, in a friendly and safe place.

In this world filled with strife and war where having the wrong religion is a death sentence in some places, in areas where the United States of America must protect its citizens, military bases or vital natural resources, this is where IAP Worldwide provides needed help and important services.

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