Foresight Capital Management is the company that Jim Tananbaum started. He created a company where people would become much more familiar with the concept of growth management through healthcare investing. This is his area of specialty, and this is what has allowed him to make millions in this healthcare industry.

In a report by Biz Journals, the thing that has taken his income over the top is his investments in biotechnology and food allergy analysis companies. This is where he has gain an understanding of the healthcare industry, and he has continued to invest in an industry such as this to increase his income and also give clients a better access to returns on investment.

According to INC42, Jim also created GelTex and Theravance. He has worked with earlier companies that he created before he found it Foresight Capital Management. It would be through these early companies that created non-systemic drugs that Jim Tananbaum would become interested in the healthcare industry. It was during this time where he gained an understanding of various drugs and various health care procedures that he realized the prophets and the earnings that could be reaped from healthcare Investments.

This would be the thing that would help Jim realize what he needed to do in order to turn his attention towards investments funds in healthcare. That is exactly what he made a decision to do when he opened his Foresite Capital management firm. He knew the ropes of the healthcare industry, and he was aware of the things that would yield a great return on investment. That gave him the knowledge and the passion to start his own healthcare investment fund company. This would also give him the chance to reach out to those clients that were interested in investing in healthcare, but they may not have had any direction on how they wanted to proceed in doing this.

Tananbaum allowed himself to grow in the healthcare industry before he started making major investments in it. He gave himself time to actually sort out the details of starting healthcare companies before he transitioned into a place where he would become a manager of healthcare funds.

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