In the state of Ohio there are few real estate agents that are more accomplished or better known than Tammy Mazzocco. Given her great success within the industry many wonder how she became so good at what she does, but to answer that question we have to look to her past business experience.

Ms. Tammy Mazzocco got her start in the real estate industry at the well known commercial firm, Edwards Realty Company where she worked diligently as a secretary. The boss of the place was a man named, Mike Zelnik who had made a name for himself within the industry due to his business acumen and personal dynamism. After Ms. Mazzocco learned all that she could from her mentor, Mr. Zelnik, she used her experiences at Edwards Realty as a springboard and quickly transitioned into condominium management for SY Condominiums.

According to Google, it was during this time that she was recommended to apply for a real estate license by Ken Cook of the successful Cook Real Estate Agency. She took Mr. Cook’s advice and vigorously through herself into a study of real estate and passed with flying colors and then moved on to work for T & R Properties as a apartment and warehouse supervisor. After gaining her chops there and under the further tutelage of well known and respected realtor named, Joe Armeni of Columbus, Ohio. From there she finally had both the aplomb and know-how to set out on her own in 1999 when she began working for Judy Gang and Associates where she continues to whirl deals to this very day all across New Albany, Ohio.

Ms. Mazzocco credits her numerous mentors, specifically those who worked within the Real Estate industry as well as developing the ability to stop taking every aspect of her work as dead-eyed serious life and death struggles as the most inspirational and motivating experiences which propelled her to the spectacular success she enjoys to this day. For more info, click