ClassDojo is an app that enhances communication among teachers, parents, and pupils. With this app, they can send videos, messages, and photos that help them in learning what is happening in schools and homes. This communication app helps them work as a team and bring in new ideas for both the classroom and home life.

The app’s aim is to improve children education. Children feel happy since they have the chance to share what they do at school with their parents. Parents, pupils, and teachers can unite to create an ideal classroom community of their choice. This platform can be a motivation for teachers too.

Initially, ClassDojo focused on behavioral learning, but now it offers communication between parents and educators. The app is essential because parents can now contribute to what the children are doing at school from home. Teachers use this app to send photos and videos of the pupils’ progression in the classroom to the parents. With this app, parents are aware of the problems kids might be facing at school and the kind of activities they take every day.

With this, they do not have to wait until the end of year speeches to get to know about it or during the parents’ teachers meeting days to know about their children’s weakness. The positivity creates open communication between parents, educators, and pupils. It also enhances better understanding, and students feel free to share things with their parents.

With ClassDojo, parents can see what strategies teachers are using to instill knowledge to the students and determine if the methods are working. Parents can then suggest changes that can help improve the learning methods.

ClassDojo is working hard to ensure that more people in the United States can access the technology. In every three schools, two schools are already using the app and they are trying their best to increase the number. They are also developing more content for parents. This app will also allow parents to buy books or make discussion guides that they can use at home with their children.

The app could make work even easier for the parents as its features improve to make it possible to pay money via smartphones. ClassDojo will ensure a better learning environment in classrooms and schools.

As an ancient knowledge foundation, Kabbalah offers insights on life and the entire universe. Kabbalah is the Jewish word for the verb “to receive.” Learning Kabbalah can be equated to receiving spiritual fulfillment. Most people do not have a sense of fulfillment in their lives. The more people try to accomplish fulfillment, the earthly things draw them backward. Fulfillment, on the other hand, goes beyond being happy. It entails getting religion energy and having faith in everything you do. Kabbalah was used in the ancient times as a model for life. It teaches people that aspects of life such as careers, health, and interpersonal relationships are interconnected. Acquiring these teachings will enable you to view the universe in a unique way.

Why Study Kabbalah

Kabbalah is also considered as universal wisdom since it applies to everyone irrespective of his or her ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. Those who study Kabbalah have full control over their thoughts. Teachers of this universal wisdom only share the relevant knowledge you need and hope that you will use it to enlighten yourself. This knowledge has practical results. Precisely, as a student, you will gain insights on things that surround your life and work, and how you can use them to achieve long-term fulfillment.

The Kabbalah Center

Rav Yehuda instituted the Kabbalah Center back in 1922. The center has branches in over 40 cities of the world. The center also offers scholarships to those who yearn to learn and spread the kabbalistic teachings. The head teachers are Rav Berg, Karen Berg, and Michael Berg. The teachings are available online via the website. One is first required to register on the website and then create an effective study plan.

The Kabbalah Center presents students with support and opportunities meant to help them learn and grow spiritually. Irrespective of your location, you can order books from the Kabbalah store and connect with teachers within your region. Some of the books sold on the Kabbalah Store are The Thought of Creation ($34.95), Immortality – The Inevitability of Eternal Life ($14.95), and Finding the Light through Darkness ($19.95).

The San Francisco based company ClassDoJo has created two animated characters, Mojo and Katie, that appear in their own show. ClassDojo’s goal is to use these characters to help teach teachers, students, and parents about “growth mindset”. The idea behind “growth mindset” is that intellect and the skills of students are not set in stone and that they can be advanced and improved in strength over time. The animated shows can be viewed on the ClassDoJos’ “Big Ideas” website and on YouTube and will include a discussion guide as a tool for teachers and parents.
ClassDoJo worked with Stanford University’s Project for Education Research That Scales (PERTS) to create the videos. PERTS is a group that performs studies on the drive and flexibility of students, became interested in working with ClassDoJo because of the large amount of teachers that they work with; approximately 1 out of every 2 classrooms use ClassDoJo.
Dave Paunesku, PERTS executive director, Kahn Academy, and City Year have incorporated efforts to use the animated characters and shows to distinguish the actual concept behind “growth mindset” and the assumptions teachers and parents have about the academic idea. The concept they wish to convey is that the process of learning is an important one, that it’s more than just hard work and struggle, and that efforts used during learning can be strategized for the best possible outcome.
Parents and teachers can access an online toolkit that offers lesson plans and practice exercises that introduce the “growth mindset” idea and process to students. ClassDoJo’s animated shows will reiterate the ideas from the online tool kit and have been advised by the PERTS team. Teachers will be surveyed prior to and after watching the animated series and are hoping that they resolve that the Mojo and Katie characters will help students to want to be involved with the “growth mindset” process and how the students are getting help learning the concepts from teachers in the classroom.
ClassDojo has not exchanged any monies with PERTS and this experiment with the “growth mindset” animated series as a way to distribute larger amounts of information to teachers, parents and students is the companies first.


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