Democrats are looking to build on the campaign victories which have been taking place since last November. NGP VAN helps political campaigns by providing the digital tools they need to effectively manage their campaigns, their volunteers, and raise money. They say they too often see political launches that are lackluster at best and lacking energy from the get-go. They have offered some tips for candidates and the campaign staff to follow in order to prevent this.

First, a candidate should know before launching what they campaign is all about and why they are running so they can articulate this in their announcement speech. They should also create a press kit which has their background material like what they have accomplished and what their biography is. Also, the website should be up on launch day so that people can find the correct source of information about your rather than just googling your name and clicking on the first thing that pops up.

NGP VAN has a tool called Digital 8 which helps campaign staff organize their CRM and getting people to sign up for email updates about the candidate. Candidates using Digital 8 raise more money than those who don’t. The tools that make Digital 8 up includes Online Actions and Targeted Email. In this vein, they say that political campaigns should also use tools to establish effective SMS and mobile programs which can be used to mobilize volunteers and get people to vote whether in a booth or by absentee ballot.

As a technology firm, NGP VAN has been helping progressive candidates for over a decade. They provide the technological tools that are necessary to run a modern day campaign. They help bring in campaign donations and tools to use volunteers most effectively. They also help candidates get out their message whether its on a website, through email, or through SMS.

It doesn’t matter whether someone is running a local campaign or a national one as NGP VAN provides it services to all sizes of campaigns. Their services start at just $45 a month and scale from there according to how big the campaign is.