The NCAA top 25 polls come out every Tuesday and it seems like that there is a new team holding the number 1 spot. There jockeying for position in the regular season makes for great stories in the press and the betting public raves when a top ranked team is beaten. This news is the talk of the town until the next week when there is a new number one team.

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Much of the hype about the top 25 is skewed and misleading when it comes to actually betting on college basketball games. The top teams get all the attention because they are in the spotlight and most of the betting public puts their action on these teams.
While most of the attention goes to the top teams in the country, this leaves opportunities for betting on the lesser known teams. As the public is showing their love for the darling teams of the NCAA, the bookmakers are likely to skew the line on an unpopular team.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to find a weak line by paying especially close attention to what is going on with these teams. Often you will find that even a major injury will not move the line on their games because it doesn’t make the news or not enough people are betting on the game. This leaves an open door for you to take advantage of a mismatched team with an incorrect spread.

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