Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the president of Bradesco Bank. He was considered Entrepreneur of the Year in the finance category in 2015.

During his tenure as president, Bradesco more than doubled its size and solidified its leadership in the country. Bradesco has an equivalent of 25% of the market. In the same period, the insurance company increased its performance in the group’s result from 25% to 35%, becoming the largest in the sector in Latin America. It was also during this period that was held one of the largest marketing activities of the group: the Lagoa Christmas tree in Rio de Janeiro, sponsored by Bradesco Seguros for 20 consecutive years.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Science and Letters from the University of Sao Paulo. Later, he joined the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics to earn his Master’s in Socio-Psychology. He joined Bradesco bank during his college days a the age of eighteen. He was quickly noticed as an intelligent and brilliant leader and financial wizard. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was a clerk, director, and President of Bradesco Seguros, which he personally grew into a multi-billion dollar subsidiary.

Trabuco recently announces that a new president is on the card and confirmed that the next president would be a member of the board of Bradesco.


Whats next for Bradesco bank?

As CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco will retain the position until the first meeting of the collegiate after the general meeting of shareholders, scheduled for March 2018. At that meeting, the new executive president of the second largest private bank in the country will be elected.

According to Trabuco, his successor is not yet chosen, and there is no forecast to anticipate the choice of a name before March. He said that “It will be a normal, routine process, respecting the talents for the exercise of the functions of the organization”. He confirmed that the next president will be from the executives.

For Trabuco, there is no defined profile for his deputy to the bank’s command, but he said he expected “leadership” and “own light” as desired qualities.

Respecting Bradesco’s tradition of choosing a name within its staff, the expectation is that the future president will be one of the seven current vice presidents of the institution.

Carlos Rodriguez Guilherme, who joined Bradesco at age 13, will occupy the position of the vice-presidency of the council that is to be vacated by Trabuco.

Who is in the running for the Presidency of the bank?

Here is a list of the possible candidates to take over as CEO:

• André Rodrigues Cano: The 59-year-old is in charge of the human resources department of Bradesco. He joined Bradesco since 1977. He is likewise a recent members added to top executive member of the organization, having been promoted in December 2016. He’s been at Bradesco since 1977.

• Octavio Lazari: He is the latest addition among Bradesco’s top executives. Since May, he heads the insurance section, accountable for a 3rd of the results of the bank. Lazari joined Bradesco in 1978.

• Josué Augusto Pancini: He is responsible for Bradesco’s high-income section and branch network.

• Marcelo Noronha: 52, heads investment bank, for the card operation and the corporate segment.

• Domingos Figueiredo Abreu: at 58, is in charge for the bank’s credit and treasury sections, and was also one of the main executives in the purchase of HSBC. He’s currently under investigation in operation Zelotes – the bank denies all charges. He’s joined Bradesco in 1981.

• Alexandre da Silva Gluher: 57, is the head of the risk department. He joined Bradesco in 1967.

• Mauricio M. de Minas: heads the Bradesco’s IT section. Minas is supervising the bank’s digital-only bank offset. He joined the bank in 2009.

Among the most experienced are Gluher, a key player in the integration of HSBC, the largest acquisition in the bank’s history and Josué Pancini, who has been a long time vice president. Theoretically, those who have spent more time with the bank would likely become the president. However, during Trabuco’s management, the criterion became less relevant.

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