In a world that has evolved so much over the last century, there are few if any, people who want to age and are proud of aging. Elysium has made a point of creating a solution for the people who do not want to age. Although there is a level of approval concerning the effectiveness of this product, there is still no guarantee that the product is fully active. The anti-aging pill works on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a compound used by the cells in carrying out metabolic reactions through a chemical precursor that the tablet contains

The founder and owner of the Elysium Health, Leonard Guarente has taken up a different strategy in the production and marketing of the anti-aging pill.

He has partnered with former executive technologist and venture capitalist-Eric Marcotulli and Dan Aminana in founding Elysium health. The two partners will hold chief executive officer and chief operating officer respectively. Elysium Health aims at marketing the anti-aging pill as the supplement for diets. The company will also take up surveys and studies of the client’s overtime, to determine the efficiency of the anti-aging medicine. Elysium Health also aims at following quality pharmaceutical standards of production. There are plans of making the product solely available through the company’s website. There will be a subscription plan for clients who may need a constant supply. It will cost the user $60 for 30 days’ supply and $50 per month for the customers who subscribe.

Elysium health plans on expanding its line of products, with similar concepts tested in the laps to extend the lifespan of other animals, to enable affordable, easier availability of anti-aging products that are effective. These products will be available in the company’s health centers and also in the various store since they will contain safe ingredients that will have been thoroughly researched and approve just like the anti-aging pill. Elysium Health product is receiving positive feedback from its new clients. The customers say the pill has very high levels of energy and it is incredibly restorative.

Elysium Health is believed to be highly endorsed, but the endorsers are kept strictly anonymous. The company is privileged to a high profile team of advisers including Noble Prize winners Origin-of-life theorist Jack Szostak, neuroscientist Eric Kandel and biologist Thomas sudhof. Its board includes skilled individuals like the current CEO of the Natural trade association and former director of the FDA’s division of dietary and supplements-Diana Fabricant. Elysium Health aims to solve the biggest challenges in the field of health with implementing scientific facts to create products that help people live longer and healthier. The company is achieving this mission by working directly with world’s leading scientists.