McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and many other fast food restaurants all boast of mouth-watering options on their menus, but not a lot is known about where all those delicious burgers come from. Many of them are produced by Sheldon Lavin’s company, OSI Food Group. Lavin has built this company into a tremendous meat wholesale place that’s mass produced both supermarket packaged meat and prepared meats for restaurants. Lavin’s also upheld a family way of running this company because he understands how important people are and creating a culture of positivity in the workplace and having an open door have been his favorite things about OSI.

Before Lavin came to OSI Food Group, known as Otto & Sons at the time, he was a financial consultant who ran his own boutique firm. He had planned after leaving banking to stick to this business until retirement. It was here though that the Kolschowsky sons who owned Otto & Sons approached him to direct the company’s investments in new factories and distribution centers in the US and abroad. Lavin started making the company more profitable and at the insistence of the Kolschowskys and their McDonald’s partners, Lavin agreed to become CEO. In time he was sold all the majority of company shares, and he invested even more in operations abroad that he had it renamed to OSI Industries. He later brought in David McDonald to serve as co-owner and president alongside him.

Lavin has not only been able to take OSI Industries everywhere McDonald’s and other restaurants have operated, he’s also been able to implement good safety features in employee safety working with dangerous tools, and making sure the meats are free of diseases. He helped OSI win several awards including the Globe of Honour presented by the British Safety Council. His strategic acquisitions such as Baho Food and Flagship Europe have increased sales in the European markets, and also have been part of the reason he was the recipient of the Global Visionary award in 2016. Lavin also has been recognized for philanthropy and community involvement such as serving at the Inner City Foundation of Chicago, the Boys & Girls Club and Ronald McDonald House Charities. He’s also on the board of the Jewish United Fund.

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Sometime in the past, American and German brews we considered the best beers in the commercial center, however, that is no longer very accurate. Most recent U.S open beer competitions have seen the rise of many other countries that have portrayed enough potential to produce great tasting beer. Canada is one of the states rising to the occasion in excellent beer production.


In Canada, Eli Gershkovitch has been game changer in the brewing sector. He is the CEO of the Canadian Craft Beer company Steamworks has taken brewing competition to an entirely new level. His brewery company is gaining traction remarkably by embracing from the Canadian beer consumers (BeerMeBC). Eli Gershkovitch is an attorney who decided to drift away from his career to pursue his interest in microbrewed beers after tasting a Belgian beer in Europe.


After experiencing this life-transforming encounter, Eli Gershkovitch went ahead to form Steamworks brewery, a company he now owns with the intention of growing regarding effective market shares of Canada. His first pub, Steamworks Pub, was built with a capacity of holding 184 people. However, with the massive increment in reliable customers, he expanded it to a size of 754 customers fully seated at a go. What made his pub stand out is that its beers were brewed on site that soon became an essential competitive edge as compared to his competitors who brewed off-site.


Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks Brewery has seen an increment in the original crafted beer production to a more significant capacity ( This is all with the aim of meeting the Canadian beer demands. It has seen the company expanding its line of products to include heroic red-ales and pale ales among other well-known brews. Although it could be hard to tell which country loves their taste of beer more, Canada has been in the lead in customer satisfaction. Notably, Steamworks brewery has played a crucial role in meeting this demand and customer taste for good beer, thanks to Eli Gershkovitch.


If you think that Eli Gershkovitch is limited in skills and role in the brewing industry, you are wrong. You will be surprised to know that he is also a certified pilot!

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Glen Wakeman is a man known for his diversity in his skill in the business field. He is a business revolutionary possessing an entrepreneur and mentoring spirit. He is the developer of the M&As guidance company to give guidance to the startup companies. He is also the founder of the Launch Pad LLC in the year 2005. Glen Wakeman is a holder of masters and a bachelor’s degree in economics. He started his career at the GE Capital and the Doral Financial Corp and founded Nova Four. Glen Wakeman currently holds more than just one role in the various companies he works with. He is a president, CEO, business development leader and a member of the board of director.

glen wakeman pics

Glen Wakeman is the originator of the five-step performance methodology used in many disciplines such as human capital, risk management, executive and leadership power in the business world. His successes in both as a writer and an investor work as an inspiration to many others in fiscal economics and administrative strategies. He is moreover a market strategist based on his vast experience in emerging markets, divestitures, and corporate executive. With this kind of competence has made him give such invaluable information to executive groups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees (

Glen Wakeman also involves himself in transformative business opportunities. His global affairs leadership is invaluable. His areas of specification that he offers strategic advice include international financing platforms, angel investing and capital raising. His passion is to the growth and development of the market together with innovation necessary to suit it in the ever-changing world. He has lived in six countries and carried out businesses in more than thirty regions and therefore deserves recognition.

In an interview, Glen Wakeman disclosed that the idea to form Launch Pad Holding LLC AROSE WITH THE NEED that many startups were emerging but later failed due to lack of structure. Many people fail to know that plan is completely different from an idea. The company, therefore, had to be created where the startup clients will be able to come up with a plan easily using the software platforms.

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Dr. Mark Holterman has devoted his entire professional life to the betterment of the field of medicine. In his role at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, he teaches young professionals about the mechanics of surgery and pediatric medicine. He has also devoted much of his research to find a cure for conditions of a chronic nature, with a particular focus on diabetes. He is well respected in this field and is a member of the American Diabetes Association.


With this in mind, the ADA recently announced that it was entering into a joint initiative with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. The purpose of this initiative is to tackle the alarming increase of type 2 diabetes that is occurring in children and adolescents. This is an issue that Dr. Holterman is passionate about.


As a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Mark Holterman serves families throughout the region ( While his main office is located in Maywood, Illinois, he also works out of another facility in Peoria. With nearly three decades of experience under his belt, parents have grown to trust him as their family doctor. He is also trained and experienced in a variety of general surgery procedures. Professionally, he is affiliated with the following organizations: Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, St. Alexius Medical Center, and Loyola University Medical Center. Because of his specialty training, Dr. Holterman is also qualified to perform fetal surgery, in addition to being able to treat infants, children, and adolescents.


Currently, Dr. Holterman is also the CEO of Mariam Global Health. Between that and his role as a professor at the University of Illinois, he stays rather busy (WeeklyOpinion). He continues to be a researcher, educator, and medical practitioner. Believing that a doctor can never stop learning, he is continually looking for ways to better provide life-saving treatment to his patients. In that realm, he has also devoted his life to helping others in a volunteer capacity. One of his proudest accomplishments is being able to assist medical professionals in Vietnam to gain better access to pediatric surgical care and to increase their knowledge in this area.

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The shock of higher electricity bills is common among households in the recent times. Most of the time, you are left to wonder how it happens yet you are certain you do not use equipment with a higher electricity consumption. Well, now you do not need to worry since Steam Energy is here to assist you on how you can reduce your energy bills to manageable levels. The company’s ultimate solution to the problem is giving consideration to the hidden electricity costs of your household gadget.


You may have failed to notice that plugged in appliances will continue to consume a great deal of electricity even when they are not in use (MyStream). The hidden costs may not be that high at the moment, but will ultimately add up to significant levels in the long run. Did you know that it’s possible to save a dollar annually just by disconnecting the power supply to your coffee maker once you’re done using it? The same applies to your game console, computer screen, and printer. Additionally, disconnecting your DVR after use can help you save up to $36.80 annually.

The amount is still insignificant, right? Now check this out: Turning off your whole entertainment system will earn you of up to $130 in savings! This amount may look better inside your wallet or can be spent on fun activities that may guarantee you an enjoyable weekend. To redeem your pennies from the drain, you only need diligence. Ensure that you batch all your household gadgets into power strips and shut down every appliance that you are not using.


It is also essential to watch out on your spending on energy. This has been simplified with usage monitoring tools which are effective and easy to use. The service ensures you receive Your Weekly Energy Report via email, and you will never experience jaw-dropping blackouts.


Stream Energy is famous for providing energy, wireless and protective services. The American natural gas and retail electricity service provider was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company provides most of its services across the United States and energy which they provide to select deregulated energy markets.


Following a string of success in the car rally championship in Brazil, Rodrigo Terpin has established a name in the motorsport. Consequently, he has impacted the image of Brazil to the outside world. His influence has created a new image to the public. Nevertheless, nothing has brought more attention to the family and even the rally driving family such as the news of the Giaffonen family entry into car rally manufacturing. As perennial makers of the stock cars, their decision to venture into this side of the world. It came after a long consultative meeting with Rodrigo Terpin who gave their initiative a clean bill of health.

Venturing into the Business of Manufacturing Cars

Since the early 200, the family has enjoyed a streak of brilliant performances in Brazilian motorsport in the asphalt category. The decision to enter into the T1 category that constitutes off-road competitions also comes from Rodrigo Terpin’s success in this kind of game over the years. When ZequinhaGiaffone was asked how he came up with the idea, he asserted that he wanted to make the motorsports industry competitive as the MEM Motorsport. Since MEM had already taken its space in Brazil, they could assure rally drivers of offering them nothing but the best when it came to manufacturing.

Manufacturing the 4 X 2 Cars

With an intention to manufacture the 4 X 2 car, that can penetrate the gravel and dirt roads in Brazil, approaching Rodrigo for ideas and endorsement was inevitable. “Rodrigo Terpin is already a brand as far as the T1 category of the car motorsport championship becomes a concern,” ZecaGiaffone asserted. The approach would ensure that marketing their new product soon could be easier as they plan to manufacture one of the cheapest off-road cars in Brazil. In this initiative is Carlos Col, another Sertoes Rally household and the person behind the success of the Stock Car Cars (SCC). As a close friend of Rodrigo, he has promised to join the movement into manufacturing viable off-road cars. Through this venture, there will be an imminent expansion of not only the automotive industry but also the motorsports sector. You can his Facebook page.

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Looking after personal health is a matter of great importance. Health is not complete when the psychological part of life is not adequately checked. Interfering with the psychology of an individual can significantly mess up a person’s normal behavior, and the output of a person can drastically drop. Neurofeedback is a method that is used to counter the harmful effects of ADHD.

The therapy process allows specialists to gain access to the crucial data associated with a person’s mental patterns, and as a result, the waves can be influenced to flow in a specific format that allows the patients to come out of the depressive state. Brainwaves are essential in helping scientist understand how to overcome the various challenges affecting people in the society. Brain waves control everything in life, and this includes even the slightest move made by the human body.

Millions of sensory nerves are located in different parts of the body, and any small signal that is collected by these sensors is transmitted to the brain where it is interpreted as a specific action. Therefore, it is quite clear that the mind serves a great purpose in the human body. If it fails to function correctly, then a person may end up engaging in different actions that don’t make sense.

Depression is one complication that affects the brain, and Neurocore is putting its best foot forward to tackle the different types of the challenge. Neurofeedback has provided significant results in the field of medicine, and as a result, it has helped to alter the common belief that people had concerning mental treatment. In the current century, it has become possible to view what is taking place within the brain and find a suitable solution that can revert any adverse effect on the mental state of a person.

Neurocore is expanding its boundaries immensely to help people all over the world with psychiatric complications. Depression leads to suicide when it becomes severe. Neurocore is working hard to ensure that the statistics related suicide and depression are lowered by tackling the matter from a technological point of view. Thanks to the advancement in technology, it is now possible to address the challenges that seemed unmovable in the past.

There are many different financial institutions out there if you have a hard time picking the best one that fits there’s an economic needs and financial standings. Luckily for us in most people there is a company known as equity first holdings Limited over so wide open as of different financial problem-solving techniques and solutions for people of different economic backgrounds. The company is not only known for help but they also have the billeted to a wider range of bigger corporations as well.The company has been doing business from us 20 years as open the office all over the world including New York Chicago and in a China. The company is an LLC that partner with his customers for people who are part of the company the company is willing to offer them small loans ever needed to be the company is pretty much a one stop shop for all financial inquiry if your partner.


Logan Stout always had the passion for baseball, from an early age. He was a good and passionate player. Logan founded the Premiere Baseball Academy to be a location for indoor training classes.

Logan Stout is a philanthropist, author, entrepreneur, and among the most sought keynote speakers. He is also a success coach and a former baseball player. He was born in Richardson Texas. Logan Stout grew up in a loving family and went to J.J. Pearce. His wife, Haley Stout was also in the same school as he.

He began displaying excellent leadership skills while he was still very young. His love for baseball also made him an outstanding player, and he also showed his excellence in basketball. Furthermore, Logan was excellent in class. He was always among the top students, and these factors guaranteed him a position in the Student Athletic Council.

Logan Stout graduated from Panola and the University of Dallas with degrees in both Business and Psychology respectively. Pursuing his love for baseball, Logan went on to play with the Fort Worth Cats team in Texas. He held a college coaching history, where he taught the youth how to play baseball, and gave them life motivation as well.

The Dallas Patriots were one of his greatest achievements, as it came to be one of the world’s most prominent baseball organizations. He then gained several features in publications and also broadcasts. He has served as keynote speaker on many occasions, and his professionalism and wisdom have made him one of the most sought after. He is married to Haley Stout, and they have two sons; Miles and Cooper. The family resides in Frisco.

Logan Stout founded IDLife in January 2014, which is a direct sales organization that focuses on health and wellness. He is the CEO of the corporation and has maintained a healthy partnership with renowned people like Troy Aikman, and Darwin Deason. IDLife has thrived under Logan, and managed to be one of the world’s 100 top Solid Top MLM Companies. Logan’s dream, mission, and drive are to be able to help people achieve success in life.

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Siteline Cabinetry has some of the best cabinet trends to look out for. Their personalized cabinets are tallying colors, tasks, and cabinet styles. Cabinet companies have developed fresh ideas with many styles that match any home style or layout.

Crafty Design and Immaculate Lines, are designed just to make sure their design gives the appeal for many years to come. Cabinet door styles have become easier, using immaculate lines. As up-to-date style continues to gain ground, they both are great for updated kitchen cabinets.

With shaker style cabinets besides white and black, many more attractive versions of the shaker have evolved well over the past century.

While white kitchen cabinets are trendy, the good news is that gray, and other pale colors have started to put together a store.

Because people want efficient design, kitchen cabinet designers at Siteline Cabinetry  have taken excellent care to create kitchen cabinets that look not just appealing to the eye, but to adapt to their needs for better organization, and space.

The desired designs for kitchen cabinets are squares and upright rectangles. When cabinets get broader, the fewer, the demand is to stack cabinets, if there is enough space. It makes the entry much less stressful, but it gives the look of your kitchen, an improved view.

Siteline Cabinetry and their many authorized kitchen design consultants can help anyone to meet the needs for remodeling the appearance to their kitchen and bath projects. They provide and deliver a selection of style and material so you can distinguish your new project before it starts. Their kitchen and bath designers always pays attention to your design ideas and will give you any input that will make your design work. Their designers have even made cabinets with online connections with Wi-Fi to help owners place built-in charging posts to their kitchen cabinets.

Siteline Cabinetry will help add the ability for you to see your project done in advance in one of their many new showrooms. They will surpass your expectations with great result. People are choosing to remodel their existing homes to change with the times. That is why Siteline Cabinetry helps make your decision a lot easier in choosing the right materials and colors.

Siteline Cabinetry helps to see that remodeling your needs is the way of the future. To keep up with the newest cabinetry trends, follow Siteline on Pinterest.