Ara Chackerian is focused on community-centered solutions. He wants to find solutions to lasting or recurring problems, one such being sustainable wood. Ara Chackerian says our natural forests are in decline, as well as the quality of natural wood is deteriorating. His answer is a environmentally-friendly Nicaraguan teak wood farm – Limonapa Teak – that not only produces quality wood but provides jobs for local communities. This has also helped communities in long-term subsistence while revitalizing the local economy.


It’s one of the most valuable woods in the world; teak wood. It also has become limited due to deforestation and competition. According to Ara Chackerian, teak farms can grow the wood faster, into a mature, quality source. This helps reverse the scarcity of forest products. It is a certified sustainable wood that reaches a high value in the market, since it is a fine wood with high resistance to salinity, humidity and to the attacks of termites and fungi.


Another community-oriented venture of Chackerian is TMS Health Solutions, a treatment without medicine. This treatment uses magnetic stimulation to encourage brain and neural activity. The method is painless and studies show patients initially show a 20 percent improvement, which increases with treatment. It’s becoming more popular because of its non-invasive methods and researchers conclude it improves connections inside the brain. For more details visit



Vision And Strategy For A Better Future


According to Patch, a graduate of Florida State University, Ara Chackerian is a businessman, environmentalist and philanthropist. He is also an angel investor and co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, and partner in ASC Captial Holdings. Ara drives vision and growth in his entrepreneurial projects, and he is known for a diverse set of abilities.


His efforts have aided in the development of TMS Health Solutions in California, which focuses on using trans-cranial magnetic stimulation to help individuals with a range of disorders, like stroke depression, and anxiety disorders, among the many others.



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For a long period, all persons working in the public sector or those working in the private industry have always wanted to have a good life after retirement. However, the good life of a person is only guaranteed if an individual has sufficient funds to spend in luxury homes and holiday destinations. To fund this life, individuals have to save enough funds which they can use later in life through the retirement saving plans. There are a significant number of saving schemes available in the market that individuals can consider. Some of the methods that are at disposal for any individual include freedom checks, social security, and 401 (K).

However, social security plan is managed by an individual where they save little amounts from their paychecks in the hope that social security, which is government controlled will cater to their lives after retirement. A significant number of individuals experience shocks after realizing that both 401 (K) and social security are not enough to fund their life after retirement. Freedom Checks becomes the only feasible solution that individuals should consider as a safe method that they can use to save their resources and hope to get sufficient funds after retirement where they will be able to fund for luxury homes and holiday destinations.

One of the primary benefits of Freedom Checks is that only little amount of money is used in saving the retirement plan after which individuals will be guaranteed to get sufficient funds later in their lives. This works like an annuity program where one only needs to pay a specific sum and then enjoy funds after retirement. This is different from other investment plans where individuals are required to invest large amounts only to get funds which are not enough to support their lives. Secondly, Freedom Checks provides tax benefit that one will not get in another saving plan out there in the industry. Some individuals might argue that 401 (K) provide the best alternative for saving on taxes. However, Freedom Checks offers one of the most reliable methods where one will be able to save a significant amount on taxes from capital gains.

Hosted by the incomparable Andrew Tropeano, NewsWatch TV is a televised show airing on the ION Network and AMC Network. Founded in 1989, NewsWatch TV delivers compelling coverage of various topics. Their most prominent areas of interest include travel, finance, technology, medical breakthroughs, health, consumer trends, and entertainment. As of late, NewsWatch TV has made great strides in the entertainment niche. World-famous celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Denzel Washington, and Bradley Cooper have appeared on their show, and NewsWatch TV is steadily gaining a renowned reputation for their star-studded episodes.

Airing on upwards of 100 million households nationwide, NewsWatch TV has considerable clout. In fact, NewsWatch TV is presumed to have impacted over 700 million viewers in the past 25 years. Their enduring and ongoing success is in large part why companies turn to NewsWatch TV when they want to promote their products to a substantial audience. NewsWatch TV’s dedication to helping companies “achieve success” bespeaks their commitment to collaborative causes. What’s more, NewsWatch TV grasps the vitality of establishing two-sided partnerships with valued clients. Fortunately, NewsWatch TV delivers stunning results to the companies they collaborate with.

Avanca, a company specializing in tech products, worked with NewsWatch TV when they were marketing their Indiegogo campaign. Doing what they do best, NewsWatch TV expertly marketed Avanca’s campaign, in turn raising $456,551 in a month’s time! Similarly, NewsWatch TV advocated for another campaign run by Contour Design and “dramatically spiked their sales.” In addition to producing auspicious results for eager corporations, NewsWatch TV is also a competent, compassionate, and client-oriented organization. According to SteelSeries, another enterprise NewsWatch TV partnered with, NewsWatch TV “truly understands how PR works,” which is in large part why they’ve become a go-to source for partner marketing.

In the quest to ensure a smooth running of activities in the finance industry, David Zalik formed GreenSky  in the year 2006. He intended to make a company that would render credit services to the general public without exploiting them. This was after observing the way the financial institutions in the sector exploited the loan consumers by offering them extortionate rates that left them in a more financially unstable position than they were before borrowing. The other reason that persuaded David Zalik into the establishment of GreenSky  was the fact that the process of loan application had been so long that the customers of the credit services spend more than a week waiting for their loans to be approved.

After keen observation of these issues, Zalik decided that he would do business in an unusual way so that he could get different results from the existing ones. The first notable thing that he implemented in GreenSky  was to make the company a wholesale credit service provider. This meant that instead of trying to reach the target customers, the organization would rely on the smaller financial lenders, contractors, and the wholesale merchants, who would wish to provide their services to their clients on credit terms but lacked the capacity. GreenSky would act as an assurance to these merchants and small creditors so that they could maintain their clients through the provision of the credit services while at the same time, GreenSky  benefits from the wide market of the firms.

One thing that has led to the flourishing of GreenSky  is the strategy that the company’s CEO uses to market their services. Instead of using the media for promotion and advertisements like the other companies prefer, Zalik and his team of employees focus on building relationships with the stakeholder of the target organizations. This makes it easier for GreenSky  to engage in viable contracts with the firms and as a result, benefit mutually. GreenSky has tremendously benefited from this initiative because it has been able to transfer its credit risk to the smaller firms while at the same time, it leverages the broader credit markets of the merchants.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, which is a world leader in the sales of in-game virtual assets. The company is also the leading bitcoin merchant in the entire world. Additionally, the firm is considered as a significant candidate regarding user demand and market size for a protocol that is decentralized.

The Invention of WAX

The people who established Opskins are coming up with a new blockchain platform for virtual asset trading known as WAX-Worldwide Asset Exchange. WAX is a marketplace that is convenient for the trading of virtual assets, created upon a foundation of decentralized smart, and blockchain contracts that pave the way for sellers and purchasers to trade virtual assets with each other in an efficient manner.

The blockchain platform is known to solve substantial fraud difficulties in the virtual asset industry. It does this without the need for intermediaries and ensures that products reach customers whenever the need arises. WAX also helps sellers to supply their products without the need for intermediaries who make the price of products to go up.

Malcolm CasSelle Current Position

At the moment, Malcolm CasSelle is the president of WAX and CIO of Opkins. Previously, he was the CIO and president of Tronc, which was known as Tribune Publishing. His main task was to oversee the growth of properties leveraging digital assets. He was also the general manager and SVP of Digital Media at SeaCgange. Also, he was the Chief Executive Officer -INT’l which acquired his firm’s organization timeline labs.

Malcolm CasSelle as the Leader of Startups

Malcolm CasSelle is also known for leading startups in the digital industry. Some of the startups include MediaPass, a leading solution of the digital subscription to major media firms. The other startup is Xfire, a social network gamer of 22M, and the joint venture of Groupon with Tencent in China. He has also been an investor in firms like Zynga and Facebook and brings in huge information and blockchain verticals. Malcolm CasSelle is also a co-founder of PCCW, a publicly traded telecom situated in Hong Kong, and its current value $35 billion.

Companies that use Upwork will find employees that want to work for them. These employees have a lot of skills that are employable. Since a company needs to have workers that are capable, having a place like Upwork is great for them.

Employers Can Go On Upwork And Put In Their Information

When a company puts in their information, they can be assured that it will be safe. The personal information on the site is protected. They also want to have a public profile that will give workers a better idea of what jobs they have for workers.

Employers Should List The Skills They Want The Workers To Have

There are a lot of skills that a worker can have. The employer needs to be able to list out the skills that they are looking for so a worker can find their company.

Be Clear On Pay And Benefits

In order to save a lot of time when using Upwork for finding freelancers to do work, it is important that a company be clear on the pay and the benefits. This can make a huge difference when a worker is considering applying for the position. A company will want to get someone that wants to work at that price and not someone that wants more money for the job.

Employers Enjoy Using Upwork

Most employers enjoy using Upwork because it is easy to do. They find that they are able to get good workers when they need them. Since they don’t have to wait long to hear from them, they can allow the worker to begin working as soon as possible.

Upwork is something that is helping employers and employees alike. They are doing a great job in making it possible for the companies to find the workers in such a busy world.

Peter Briger is a self-made Co-chairman and principal of the Board of directors at Fortune Investment group. He is native to the United States residing in New York, North America. Married with four children, he is known for his investment passion.

Educational Background and Property Ownership

With an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, Peter Briger also holds an Associate in Arts and Science from Princeton University. He has a total net worth of $1.2 bil and turned into a billionaire with Michael Novogratz and Wesley Edens in February 2007 through public offering courtesy of Fortress Investment Group.

Dealings in Global Financial Markets

Edens in partnership with Randal Nardone and Robert Kauffman formed Fortress in 1988. Four years down the line, Peter Briger and Novogratz became partners as well. Fortress Investment Group has had a high reputation in the sale of its minority interest to Nomura, a Japanese investment company. This deal was initiated in 2006 for $890 million. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group debuted on the public markets in an IPO. This top investor held 66 million shares at that moment. These were equivalent to over $2 billion. Presently, he boasts of 44 million shares equal to roughly $350 million. As an elite investment player for assets, this investor has risen to the top corner of this field through the following ways:

Building Reputation at Goldman Sachs

Peter Briger became a member of the Fortress in 2002. This was fifteen years later after the period with Goldman Sachs. He was absorbed by the Fortress to oversee the debt securities and real estate businesses. At this time, the firm intended to create diversity in its main private equity businesses.

Bright Future ambitions

Peter Briger still anticipates for ample investment opportunities in the financial sector disregard of the related crisis in the rearview mirror. Currently, banking institutions have healed from the previous challenges of 2008-2010. However, their transactions are still affected by the political and regulatory changes. Some legislation forces cause banks to dispose off their assets as a way of boosting their equity returns. This is similar to the type of opportunity our top investor has capitalized on for many years. In case this current opportunity fades, a new one will be conceived and when that occurs, he will be right there to capitalize on it!

Rick Shinto can be defined as being one of the most effective leaders in North America. He is credited as being one of the driving forces towards the improved financial performance of the InnovaCare Health. He became the CEO of the group in 2011 and had over the years overseen the introduction of sustainable and cost-effective models. Before joining the InnovaCare Health, Rick Shinto served as both the CEO and the President of the Aveta inc. while managing the operations of the Aveta Inc, and he received the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The award is recognition of the most committed and performing entrepreneurs.

In the earlier years, he had serves as the Chief Medical Officer of the NAMM group in California. He has also held the position of chief operating officer in Medical Pathways Management Company. The business leader attained his B.S from the University of California before proceeding to the University of New York where he graduated with a degree in medical science. Rick Shinto attained his M.B.S firm the University of Redlands. Based on the operations of InnovaCare Health, he can be defined as an effective leader. He is keen on ensuring that there are improved levels of collaboration among the involved stakeholders. His actions are guided by worth ethics and the desire to facilitate the delivery of affordable and quality health care services.

Services and Product Portfolio of the InnovaCare Health

According to PR Newswire, InnovaCare Health is defined as being one of the leading organizations in the delivery of managed health care services in Northern America regions. The InnovaCare Health mainly employs the Medicare Advantage and the Provider Network as being the primary avenues of offering cost-effective and sustainable models. The group holds the impression that quality health care services can be attained by having integrated systems, adoption of innovative technologies, and the costs of both cost and sustainable models. You can visit


Such measures would see a significant reduction in the costs of healthcare making it possible for marginalized groups to access the services. On the other hand, the use of improved technologies and collaboration among stakeholders comes in handy in minimizing chances of errors. The mission of the InnovaCare is redefining the healthcare management services to address the ongoing problems. The vision of the InnovaCare Health is to foster strong relationships among patients, health care providers, and other subsidiaries. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides have helped positively transform the group.


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Chainsmokers is a duo group producing EDM music that is a blend of pop, dance, hip-hop, and indie music. The duo is made up of DJ Alex Pall and writer / vocalist Andrew Taggart. They formed the duo in 2012 after finishing college. Amusingly enough, the name of the duo comes from the fact that at one point they really enjoyed smoking pot. Their first performance was in 2014 and their first hit was “Selfie”, which made it onto the charts both internationally and domestically. This is the song that launched their career and has allowed them to establish themselves in the dance / electronic song realm. This led to signing a deal with Disruptor Records (which is joint with Sony Music) and continued success with their newly released songs off their album.

The duo has received multiple accolades from Billboard Music Awards, American Music Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards. They have released five songs in 2018 from their breakout debut album, Memories…Do Not Open. The most recent song is “Side Effects”. It is a bubbly song that follows a woman who is working night shift and her rebellion to learning she has to work over the weekend. It has a fun, catchy beat with entertaining lyrics. It features Camila Mendes dancing throughout the hotel and even swimming in the hotel pool – skirt and all. It is fun and witty, keeping up with the standard the duo has established in the music industry.

Chainsmokers is also enjoying a number of concerts in the United States. They seem to be gaining more popularity and sometimes it just takes one hit to take a group or duo over the top. In addition to their first album, they are getting ready to release a second album that is sure to have some hits on it as well.


Freedom checks are the new goldmine, but people are yet to venture into this investment opportunity. Freedom check is real and Matt Badiali, who came up with the idea, has proofed this through his investment. Freedom check is not a government-sponsored program. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Matt has traveled to different countries in line with his career as a geologist inspecting oil fields and coal mines. And during this visits, Matt interviewed several CEOs in the energy supply sector. He even invested in energy stock in the midst of the 2008 market crash. Matt invested $0.06 on each energy stock, and by 2010, the stock was sold at $2.64 each. This is how Matt came up with the idea of freedom checks for quick cash.

For freedom checks to work, investors have to make an initial investment after which the Master Limited Partners issue the returns. In accordance with statute 26-F, investors have the opportunity to enjoy generous checks from MLPs with tax advantages. MLPs work by passing 90% of the profits to the investors through freedom checks. The checks are not custom to income tax laws. One is only required to pay tax when selling.

To get the freedom check is easy. After following the necessary steps and earning returns, the company can mail or deposit the funds to your account. It is not different from investment returns as people would tend to think.

For the cautious investors, freedom check risks do not pass the normal risk levels. It is just a matter of analyzing the past trends against the current ones to make your move. However, freedom checks offer higher rewards once an investor takes the risk.

The energy sector has the power to make investors rich, and now through freedom check, it has become a reality. The stock in this sector continues to rise thus giving MLPs huge benefits that they share with the public in the form of the checks. Just like Matt made a 4400% profit, investors who make the wise choices maximize their returns. Freedom check is all about building an investment portfolio, and if one minimizes the risks and waits for the right time, the gains are enormous. Read this article at