Ara Chackerian is focused on community-centered solutions. He wants to find solutions to lasting or recurring problems, one such being sustainable wood. Ara Chackerian says our natural forests are in decline, as well as the quality of natural wood is deteriorating. His answer is a environmentally-friendly Nicaraguan teak wood farm – Limonapa Teak – that not only produces quality wood but provides jobs for local communities. This has also helped communities in long-term subsistence while revitalizing the local economy.


It’s one of the most valuable woods in the world; teak wood. It also has become limited due to deforestation and competition. According to Ara Chackerian, teak farms can grow the wood faster, into a mature, quality source. This helps reverse the scarcity of forest products. It is a certified sustainable wood that reaches a high value in the market, since it is a fine wood with high resistance to salinity, humidity and to the attacks of termites and fungi.


Another community-oriented venture of Chackerian is TMS Health Solutions, a treatment without medicine. This treatment uses magnetic stimulation to encourage brain and neural activity. The method is painless and studies show patients initially show a 20 percent improvement, which increases with treatment. It’s becoming more popular because of its non-invasive methods and researchers conclude it improves connections inside the brain. For more details visit



Vision And Strategy For A Better Future


According to Patch, a graduate of Florida State University, Ara Chackerian is a businessman, environmentalist and philanthropist. He is also an angel investor and co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, and partner in ASC Captial Holdings. Ara drives vision and growth in his entrepreneurial projects, and he is known for a diverse set of abilities.


His efforts have aided in the development of TMS Health Solutions in California, which focuses on using trans-cranial magnetic stimulation to help individuals with a range of disorders, like stroke depression, and anxiety disorders, among the many others.



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