Hosted by the incomparable Andrew Tropeano, NewsWatch TV is a televised show airing on the ION Network and AMC Network. Founded in 1989, NewsWatch TV delivers compelling coverage of various topics. Their most prominent areas of interest include travel, finance, technology, medical breakthroughs, health, consumer trends, and entertainment. As of late, NewsWatch TV has made great strides in the entertainment niche. World-famous celebrities including Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis, Denzel Washington, and Bradley Cooper have appeared on their show, and NewsWatch TV is steadily gaining a renowned reputation for their star-studded episodes.

Airing on upwards of 100 million households nationwide, NewsWatch TV has considerable clout. In fact, NewsWatch TV is presumed to have impacted over 700 million viewers in the past 25 years. Their enduring and ongoing success is in large part why companies turn to NewsWatch TV when they want to promote their products to a substantial audience. NewsWatch TV’s dedication to helping companies “achieve success” bespeaks their commitment to collaborative causes. What’s more, NewsWatch TV grasps the vitality of establishing two-sided partnerships with valued clients. Fortunately, NewsWatch TV delivers stunning results to the companies they collaborate with.

Avanca, a company specializing in tech products, worked with NewsWatch TV when they were marketing their Indiegogo campaign. Doing what they do best, NewsWatch TV expertly marketed Avanca’s campaign, in turn raising $456,551 in a month’s time! Similarly, NewsWatch TV advocated for another campaign run by Contour Design and “dramatically spiked their sales.” In addition to producing auspicious results for eager corporations, NewsWatch TV is also a competent, compassionate, and client-oriented organization. According to SteelSeries, another enterprise NewsWatch TV partnered with, NewsWatch TV “truly understands how PR works,” which is in large part why they’ve become a go-to source for partner marketing.

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