Marc Beer, the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Renovia, has announced that the company has successfully secured $42.3 million in funding from private investors. The money will be used to help further their work, including clinical trials, product development, and any commercial launches set for the future. Renovia specializes in developing therapeutic devices and diagnostic tools for treating pelvic floor disorders in women, such as urinary incontinence, and was co-founded by Marc Beer and other medical professionals.


Funding for Renovia’s work was granted by a number of different organizations, including the Longwood Fund, Inova Strategic Investments, and Western Technology Investment. Marc Beer has noted that the funding consists of $32.3 million in Series B funding, as well as $10 million in venture lending. Some of the investment groups have worked with Marc Beer and Renovia previously, while others are new. Learn more:


Marc Beer has commented that the funding will help the company deliver its goal of low-cost, highly-effective healthcare to women suffering from pelvic floor disorder, while ensuring that Renovia is able to commit to developing further technologies and products that will improve the quality of life for women struggling with these disorders. The funding also means that the company can commit to clinical trials to ensure proper research into these life-changing conditions can be carried out.


Renovia was co-founded by Marc Beer, Ramon Iglesias, and Yolanda Lorie in 2016 with the goal of better understanding women’s pelvic floor disorders and providing new strategies for diagnosis and treatment. The company has developed a cutting-edge, FDA-cleared device that assesses the movement and positioning of the levator plate in the pelvis, which helps provide feedback to the doctor and patient in real time, increasing the likelihood that treatment options will be successful. This device also offers the ability to collect actionable data on the patient’s progress.


Before taking on his vital position at Renovia, Marc Beer was also the founding CEO of the biotechnology company ViaCell, which specializes in preserving stem cells from umbilical cords. He has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and medical diagnostics. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Miami University (Ohio).


End Citizens United is a political committee formed in the United States of America. Its mission is to reverse a decision that was made by the United States Supreme Court in 2010. This decision exempted limits of spending for certain candidates. End Citizens United has its concentration in raising huge donation for campaigns and is focused who will support campaign finance reforms by donating money to the candidates and controlling their independent disbursements. The Committee was launched in 2015 and started executing its duties during the first election cycle in 2016.

It received over $25 million for supporting its work. The Committee has gone ahead to support some Democratic candidates in the United States. They include Hillary Clinton, Zephyr Teachout, Russ Feingold, Elizabeth Warren, and Jon Osoff. End Citizens United has gone further to support U.S senators like Maggie Hassan and Catherine Cortez Masto who were running for the senator’s seat in the 2016 elections. The two combined spent a sum of $4.4 million in their campaigns for office. The organization is working to get more donations 2018 election cycles whereby it is targeting a sum of $35 million. View the group’s profile on

The mission that drove its founding was to support the election of more Democrats. The founders of this organization were fundraising specialists who were members of the Democratic Congressional Campaign committee who are currently managers of Mothership Strategies. The committee urged the citizens of the United States by mobilizing them to send donations of at least $5 to help in supporting Democrats in election campaigns. The citizens, in turn, gave their donations to End Citizens United committee and they were able to raise $11 million where most of the money came from online donations. The End Citizens United is highly supported by citizens and it is because of this support that it was impossible to pass the Democratic Party Agenda.

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When entrepreneurs start a company, they must set goals. To achieve these goals, it is crucial to ensure that the company progresses on a daily basis without ceasing. Fortress Investment Group is a firm that has amazed many in entrepreneurship world because it has been advancing since it started. The firm began in 1998, and since then it has been expanding and growing to offer various services to its customers. It has become one of the largest investment firms in the world. Fortress Investment Group became as a private equity firm, but later the company went public in 2007 and invited those who were willing to invest.

Fortress Group has experienced exponential growth since it started because of several factors. For example, it has leaders who have the knowledge and skills required in helping potential investors. Entrepreneurs like Peter Briger, Wes Edens and Randal Nardone understand the market and they are always ready to embrace change and technology. They have used their knowledge to earn and become billionaires most of them joining the coveted list of the most successful billionaires in the world with increased net worth. It is not easy to start and make a company successful, and that is why Fortress Investment Group has been in the market for years. To know more about the company click here.

Being in the market for years has made Fortress Investment Group experienced, and that is why it is enjoying such tremendous success. It has not all been easy for Fortress Group. The company has experienced troubles too in its endeavors, but the energetic and resilient team has ensured that they correct any terrible experience. The company has been having the right leadership and has employees that are passionate about their work. They are always happy when it comes to helping their customers because they are treated as a family.

Some of organizations which have benefitted from the work of Fortress Investment Group are private equity firms and hedge funds. The firm has been the best when it comes to offering services like asset investments, mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and operations management. The team has been working to ensure they accomplish their goals.

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Jacob Gottlieb is among the best brains in the healthcare investment sector. He is prominent in this industry for leading some of the best performing investment companies. Currently, he is back in the investment sector after taking some time off to wind up the operations of Visium Asset Management, a company he started but was later involved in accusations of insider trading and conspiracy. Jacob Gottlieb was the co-founder of the firm and was serving as the chief investment officer. Although the firm collapsed, he was never involved in the scandal that finally led to the collapse of the company. He has always worked hard to get results in the right way. He did not know that some rogue employees were doing something illegal behind his back.

Jacob Gottlieb wanted to be an investor from a young age. While in his teenage, he won a stock investment contest that was organized by the school. He was a brilliant student who followed in the footsteps of his parents. His father and mother were both professions. The father was a professor of economics, and his mother was a physician. Gottlieb followed their steps and became both. He has a degree in economics from Brown University and an M.D from New York University Medical School.

Jacob Gottlieb has used the knowledge he had acquired from both professionals to join Wall Street as an investor in the healthcare industry. He tried medical practice but realized that it was never his potion of excellence. Gottlieb has worked with various organizations as an investment manager. He has been to Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. and Balyasny Asset Management before creating his Visium in 2005. Visium was a great company but was failed by improper conduct of some employees. He is now ready to go back in the industry and lead another great company. Altium Capital is likely to become one of the most successful firms due to his experience.

Being born in Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania in the year 1950, ShafikSachedina moved to England where he enrolled at Guy’s Medical Hospital. He graduated in 1975 and moved on to London Dental School where he qualified as a dental surgeon. Throughout several years, Dr. Shafik practiced as a surgeon, but his desire to venture into business eventually took over.

It is in 1985 that Shafik Sachedina, together with Shiraz Boghani founded Sussex Health Care Limited. This company consists of more than 20 groups of care homes that are independent for the elderly. Sussex Healthcare takes care of older people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as children with difficulties in learning, disabilities and other neural disorders.

Sussex Healthcare is an award-winning caregiver in the UK that offers specialized and holistic care for the elderly and disabled.

Work and Achievements

Over the years, Dr. Shafik has been appointed in 4 companies, is currently the director of Islamic Publications Limited, and The Institute of Ismaili Studies, and resigned from the Imara UK Limited. He has also been appointed for other companies that are now dissolved.

His kind-hearted nature and knowledge have enabled him to channel his research towards improving the lives of those who are rather forgotten and despised in society. Apart from that, Dr. Sachedina advocates for dental hygiene throughout the UK.

Other achievements of ShafikSachedina include being a member of the Aga Khan Development Network Committee that founded Ismaili Studies. Ismaili Studies has a massive library of magazines, books, and journals that support the cultural and religious lives of Muslims. The institute gives charitable services to Muslims.

As a dental surgeon, Shafik heads the events department for the Ismaili Community making him responsible for organizing events in all 16 regions. His ability to deal with people in a coordinated manner makes the organization run smoothly. Apart from that, Sachedina has been appointed to several university boards

In the UK, Dr. ShafikSachedina is an important figure who inspires the business and healthcare sector. A lot of articles have been written about him and on his social profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn.



Most of what workers know come from school as well as on-the-job training, but there is always more to learn. As such, professional societies come in to play. On the other hand, trade associations have companies as its members, but professional associations go for individual workers. If you are joining a professional association, you are bound to benefit from educational programs. You also get a chance to network, build credibility through leadership roles as well as the competitions for industry awards. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

Professional associations are famous for their data and tools that they make available. This is achieved through seminars, webinar, and newsletters that have treasured information to cater to the needs of their members. Most of these associations have staff members who carry out original research. The provision of these resources helps those people starting in the workplaces or those who have the urge to start all over.

Big annual conferences are also synonymous with professional bodies. Members come together and get a chance to meet leaders and peers in their field, making informal connections and formal ties which brings to the fore the availability of job openings and securing offers. These association functions help members to establish relationships that culminate to more opportunities.

Conversely, trade associations focus on political lobbying, but some professional bodies have branches that engage in these efforts too. The idea is to sway policymakers into making important decisions from which their members can benefit.


About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy became the editor in chief of the Architectural Record in 1996 and had helped it to become the most read architectural journal in the world. He has also served as Juror on the panel that Frank Gehry the go-ahead to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Robert Ivy received several always one of them being the Crain Award, which is the highest recognition for a person from American Business Media.

Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Architects and holds a Masters of Architecture from the Tulane University. Robert Ivy also graduated Cum Laude with a degree in English from the University of the South, Sewanee. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

David Farbaky, the founder and chief executive officer of Aloha Construction in Illinois, was pleased to announce that his company had won the BBB Torch Award for Ethical Business Practices. After this company was nominated for this award his business practices were reviewed by a team of independent judges. His company won because of the ethical manner in which it treats employees and suppliers. It also won because of their affiliated Farbaky Foundation which provides financial support to a number of local charities and youth sports teams.

Aloha Construction was founded in Lake Zurich in 2008. They now have a second office in Bloomington. Between these two offices, they can help homeowners across the state of Illinois as well as those who are living in the southern part of Wisconsin. They do siding, roofing, and gutter work. They also now formally offer interior services such as remodeling and restoration. They have done interior work since the company was founded but it wasn’t the emphasis that it now is.

The team at Aloha Construction sometimes puts out articles to help homeowners keep their homes in good condition. Their latest article is about a home’s gutter system and knowing when to repair it. Gutters are a very important part of a home’s overall system as they direct water away from the home. Water can cause erosion, uneven floors, and mold damage so it is important to route it away from a home.

Gutters don’t last forever and need to be maintained in order to do their important work. After a heavy rainfall, it is especially important to inspect them to make sure they can still do their jobs. If you can see water collecting in parts of the gutter system or that it is being channeled toward the foundation then you should contact a professional to get this issue resolved.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar, board certified plastic surgeon for Dallas Plastic Surgery Group, was fortunate to have had a distinct honor bestowed upon him as a physician. Jejurikar received the Compassionate Doctor Certification which only 3% of physicians nationwide attained the year Dr. Sam Jejurikar was awarded his Certification. This means that only the doctors who received near perfect rankings both overall and in the specific category of bedside manner were eligible to win.

Winning the Compassionate Doctor Certificate was an honor that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar seemed to truly take to heart as he expressed great pleasure in the award, then thanked his patients for taking the time to vote for him and provide positive commentary.

In his practice in Dallas, Texas Dr. Sam Jejurikar provides his patients with the most cutting-edge, innovative technology to aid in their cosmetic and reconstructive surgical needs. He uses a phenomenal new tool which shows a real photo of a potential patient and then will demonstrate on a split screen how the individual would appear if this procedure were to be completed.

Listening to Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s focus for his practice clarifies that the Compassionate Doctor Certificate appears to be well placed in his office. Dr. Jejurikar truly attempts to create highly individualized goal plans to each patient in order to ensure that their outcome will be highly satisfactory. Sometimes this includes a combination plan for a hybrid solution utilizing both surgical and non-invasive techniques. He helps patients feel a bit more at home in the state of the art facility, cutting-edge surgical center, and luxurious recovery suites. Whether it is a medically necessary procedure or merely something that is being done to help an individual feel better about themselves, Dr. Sameer Jejuikar is an exemplary plastic surgeon.

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Ara Chackerian is focused on community-centered solutions. He wants to find solutions to lasting or recurring problems, one such being sustainable wood. Ara Chackerian says our natural forests are in decline, as well as the quality of natural wood is deteriorating. His answer is a environmentally-friendly Nicaraguan teak wood farm – Limonapa Teak – that not only produces quality wood but provides jobs for local communities. This has also helped communities in long-term subsistence while revitalizing the local economy.


It’s one of the most valuable woods in the world; teak wood. It also has become limited due to deforestation and competition. According to Ara Chackerian, teak farms can grow the wood faster, into a mature, quality source. This helps reverse the scarcity of forest products. It is a certified sustainable wood that reaches a high value in the market, since it is a fine wood with high resistance to salinity, humidity and to the attacks of termites and fungi.


Another community-oriented venture of Chackerian is TMS Health Solutions, a treatment without medicine. This treatment uses magnetic stimulation to encourage brain and neural activity. The method is painless and studies show patients initially show a 20 percent improvement, which increases with treatment. It’s becoming more popular because of its non-invasive methods and researchers conclude it improves connections inside the brain. For more details visit



Vision And Strategy For A Better Future


According to Patch, a graduate of Florida State University, Ara Chackerian is a businessman, environmentalist and philanthropist. He is also an angel investor and co-founder of TMS Health Solutions, and partner in ASC Captial Holdings. Ara drives vision and growth in his entrepreneurial projects, and he is known for a diverse set of abilities.


His efforts have aided in the development of TMS Health Solutions in California, which focuses on using trans-cranial magnetic stimulation to help individuals with a range of disorders, like stroke depression, and anxiety disorders, among the many others.



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For a long period, all persons working in the public sector or those working in the private industry have always wanted to have a good life after retirement. However, the good life of a person is only guaranteed if an individual has sufficient funds to spend in luxury homes and holiday destinations. To fund this life, individuals have to save enough funds which they can use later in life through the retirement saving plans. There are a significant number of saving schemes available in the market that individuals can consider. Some of the methods that are at disposal for any individual include freedom checks, social security, and 401 (K).

However, social security plan is managed by an individual where they save little amounts from their paychecks in the hope that social security, which is government controlled will cater to their lives after retirement. A significant number of individuals experience shocks after realizing that both 401 (K) and social security are not enough to fund their life after retirement. Freedom Checks becomes the only feasible solution that individuals should consider as a safe method that they can use to save their resources and hope to get sufficient funds after retirement where they will be able to fund for luxury homes and holiday destinations.

One of the primary benefits of Freedom Checks is that only little amount of money is used in saving the retirement plan after which individuals will be guaranteed to get sufficient funds later in their lives. This works like an annuity program where one only needs to pay a specific sum and then enjoy funds after retirement. This is different from other investment plans where individuals are required to invest large amounts only to get funds which are not enough to support their lives. Secondly, Freedom Checks provides tax benefit that one will not get in another saving plan out there in the industry. Some individuals might argue that 401 (K) provide the best alternative for saving on taxes. However, Freedom Checks offers one of the most reliable methods where one will be able to save a significant amount on taxes from capital gains.