Let’s perform a thought experiment. The thought experiment will revolve around a single mom named Beth and the giant 20,000-employee corporation that employs her.

Beth works for the Corporation because options are limited in her area. She’s politically active and is vocal for a candidate that promises to clean up the environment in her community. However, Beth’s corporation has decided to pump millions of dollars into political action committee’s to help Beth’s favorite candidate lose.

The Corporation wins and Beth’s favorite candidate loses. The Corporation used giant sums of money to get Beth’s political opponent to win because he promised to relax environmental regulations. This will save the Corporation millions of dollars and will allow them to pollute in Beth’s community. As a result, Beth’s child gets sick. Find out more about End Citizens United at indeed.com

This scenario has been made very real by a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. The Supreme Court decided that corporations are people with the right to free speech. The free speech is expressed with cash flowing into political action committees in order to sway elections in the best interests of the corporation. Unfortunately, in this scenario, Beth was unwittingly helping her corporation pollute her community and make her child sick through her employment. How is this fair?

End Citizens United is also a political action committee. They have been formed to fight off any possibility of this scenario coming true. End Citizens United has a plan to protect Beth and all the other Beth’s out there.

The group’s short-term goals include getting Democratic candidates elected who will work to end Citizens United. They are also branching out all over the country to work with local governments to improve campaign finance laws. And they have dispatched campaign-finance watchdogs to critical elections around the country in order to keep eyes on Republican candidates.

This should help mitigate the disastrous effects of Citizens United. It will take a long time for End Citizens United to actually end Citizens United. It will take a very strong law or a constitutional amendment to undo the damage that five conservative Supreme Court justices did back in 2010. Visit: http://endcitizensunited.org/endorsed-candidates/


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