Freedom checks are the new goldmine, but people are yet to venture into this investment opportunity. Freedom check is real and Matt Badiali, who came up with the idea, has proofed this through his investment. Freedom check is not a government-sponsored program. Read more at Agora News about Freedom Checks.

Matt has traveled to different countries in line with his career as a geologist inspecting oil fields and coal mines. And during this visits, Matt interviewed several CEOs in the energy supply sector. He even invested in energy stock in the midst of the 2008 market crash. Matt invested $0.06 on each energy stock, and by 2010, the stock was sold at $2.64 each. This is how Matt came up with the idea of freedom checks for quick cash.

For freedom checks to work, investors have to make an initial investment after which the Master Limited Partners issue the returns. In accordance with statute 26-F, investors have the opportunity to enjoy generous checks from MLPs with tax advantages. MLPs work by passing 90% of the profits to the investors through freedom checks. The checks are not custom to income tax laws. One is only required to pay tax when selling.

To get the freedom check is easy. After following the necessary steps and earning returns, the company can mail or deposit the funds to your account. It is not different from investment returns as people would tend to think.

For the cautious investors, freedom check risks do not pass the normal risk levels. It is just a matter of analyzing the past trends against the current ones to make your move. However, freedom checks offer higher rewards once an investor takes the risk.

The energy sector has the power to make investors rich, and now through freedom check, it has become a reality. The stock in this sector continues to rise thus giving MLPs huge benefits that they share with the public in the form of the checks. Just like Matt made a 4400% profit, investors who make the wise choices maximize their returns. Freedom check is all about building an investment portfolio, and if one minimizes the risks and waits for the right time, the gains are enormous. Read this article at

Let’s perform a thought experiment. The thought experiment will revolve around a single mom named Beth and the giant 20,000-employee corporation that employs her.

Beth works for the Corporation because options are limited in her area. She’s politically active and is vocal for a candidate that promises to clean up the environment in her community. However, Beth’s corporation has decided to pump millions of dollars into political action committee’s to help Beth’s favorite candidate lose.

The Corporation wins and Beth’s favorite candidate loses. The Corporation used giant sums of money to get Beth’s political opponent to win because he promised to relax environmental regulations. This will save the Corporation millions of dollars and will allow them to pollute in Beth’s community. As a result, Beth’s child gets sick. Find out more about End Citizens United at

This scenario has been made very real by a Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United. The Supreme Court decided that corporations are people with the right to free speech. The free speech is expressed with cash flowing into political action committees in order to sway elections in the best interests of the corporation. Unfortunately, in this scenario, Beth was unwittingly helping her corporation pollute her community and make her child sick through her employment. How is this fair?

End Citizens United is also a political action committee. They have been formed to fight off any possibility of this scenario coming true. End Citizens United has a plan to protect Beth and all the other Beth’s out there.

The group’s short-term goals include getting Democratic candidates elected who will work to end Citizens United. They are also branching out all over the country to work with local governments to improve campaign finance laws. And they have dispatched campaign-finance watchdogs to critical elections around the country in order to keep eyes on Republican candidates.

This should help mitigate the disastrous effects of Citizens United. It will take a long time for End Citizens United to actually end Citizens United. It will take a very strong law or a constitutional amendment to undo the damage that five conservative Supreme Court justices did back in 2010. Visit:


After three decades of splendid experience, Shiraz Boghani was finally given the honors she deserves after he was honored as the Hotelier of the Year by the Asian Business Awards 2016.

The renowned hospitality industry entrepreneur is the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group and has been in the hotel business for the earlier mentioned period of time. It is thanks to this long term experience that Shiraz boasts great experience in running and managing multiple ultra-modern hotels smoothly.

Besides his extensive experience in the world of hospitality, Shiraz Boghani is also a qualified chartered accountant, a factor that has greatly facilitated his success in the hospitality industry. Being an opportunist and aggressive in life, Mr. Boghani was the first entrepreneur to introduce the limited service branded hotels in the UK precisely in London. He facilitated the development and launching of this business opportunity during the early 90’s and thanks to his remarkable strategies, Mr. Boghani has spearheaded 25 other similar projects in the UK.

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Shiraz Boghani is currently heading the growth of a classy hotel known as Hilton London Bankside located in London’s which is quite a high end facility as it is worth is 121 million pounds. Mr. Boghani is also directing the development of several other A-level hotel projects such as Conrad London St James, and several others. The development and launching of successful stylish hotels in London have landed Mr. Boghani major projects such as the New Ellington luxury project. The successful launching of these two hotels will earn Mr. Boghani further recognition in the hospitality world.

Shiraz Boghani is a man of many. Apart from his current status as the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Foundation, he has been in the senior position of various charity councils such as the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board. He prides himself in helping his community and he achieves this by contributing generously to charitable organizations such as the Aga Khan Foundation.

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Being born as a Kenyan citizen, Mr. Boghani has done well for himself. He is an accomplished Chartered Accountant, a training he acquired at a small Chartered Accounting firm in the United Kingdom. He is currently spearheading the Splendid Hospitality Foundation and has been overseeing its successful development for quite a long time now.

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Dr. Saad Saad is indeed a man of extraordinary achievement who manifested success by maintaining a character of integrity and basing his mental focus upon the value of time. Being that he dedicated his life to become one the most honorable board-certified pediatric surgeons in modern-day time, Dr. Saad truly understands that every second of life is to be treated of the utmost importance. Rather than waste precious time upon meaningless endeavors, he firmly believes that everyone should spend their time pursuing ultimate goals and the things that matter most to them in order to achieve genuine happiness.

According to Dr. Saad, there are two key lessons that he has learned and lived his life according to that have enabled him to reap the greatest benefits. The first life lesson that Dr. Saad gives is to never accept anything that is less than the success that you desire. As mentioned in a recent interview, Dr. Saad relates that he learned this lesson shortly after suffering from a heat stroke while working on a construction site in Kuwait during the 1960s. Moreover, from his experience, he quickly learned of the severity of outdoor labor and decided then he didn’t want to settle for less and started making plans to become a pediatric surgeon. Certainly, as demonstrated by his career fulfillment, Dr. Saad asserts that anyone can attain anything in life if they just simply focus.

The second key lesson that Dr. Saad supports as being a critical life application is to never postpone a goal for tomorrow that you can complete today. As stated by Dr. Saad, he believes that his maintenance of a strong work ethic and being efficient with his time are what enabled him to manifest a higher level of success. Indeed, it can be agreed that time management happens to be a discipline that many people lack and because of this, many people usually fail to accomplish their goals.

Yet, if anyone stands to question the validity of Saad’s advice, one needs to do nothing but take a look at his life’s achievements as proven results. Being that his father instilled the value of education within him and his seven other siblings at an early age, Dr. Saad pursued an extensive medical education. He graduated as the salutatorian of his class with his medical degree from the Cairo University School of Medicine in Egypt. Following the triumph of his medical degree, Dr. Saad completed his internship in England, and then traveled to the U.S. where he completed his residency and eventually resided. Upon becoming board-certified to practice pediatric medicine, he established his medical practice within the state of NJ and volunteered his service within several medical missions to the Middle East whereby he received the Gold Medal of Palestine for his time of service. In addition to these feats, Dr. Saad also privately assisted the Saudi-Arabian royal family in the 80s, invented two medical devices, and held the positions of Co-Medical Director and Surgeon-in-Chief at the K Hovnanian Children Hospital in NJ prior to his retirement. Learn more :