Charlamagne Tha God has released his second book titled Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me. This novel reveals a side often not seen by the well known radio host. A sense of vulnerability is developed and revealed in the text of the pages. Nonetheless, the radio host does not leave out his trademark provocative commentary in the novel. The book discuss many deep issues like his very own personal struggle with a stress disorder, anxiety and his need to for therapy.

The radio host turned author has dedicated an entire chapter of his novel to mental awareness and stress, specifically hitting home on stress and disorders amongst black Americans. The author writes from a personal perspective during this chapter as he knows the struggle of being a black man with stress in American society today. He notes that his deep faith and therapy have been ways for him to resolve his stress and anxiety disorder. He has been able to improve with how he deals with issues he typically would avoid.

As a father, Charlamagne Tha God informs readers throughout his book about the Me Too Movement. He has two daughters and is expecting his third and wants his readers to know the importance of men being accountable for the way they interact with women. He has dealt personally with this, especially during his days of selling drugs to females in South Carolina.

Charlamagne Tha God uses his platform as a radio personality, television host and social media influencer to speak his truth and personal stories to the world. His novel is eye-opening to his past and personal situations he has dealt with in his life. Readers are able to see the famous The Breakfast Club co-host in a different light. Most of all this non-fiction work of literature explores topics that need to be discussed. The author highlights his younger days in South Carolina, being a apart of the hip hop culture, his concerns for his daughters living in the Me Too Movement era, America’s way of dealing with black mental illness and the launching of his second novel.

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