Alternative investment firms – as their name quite obviously implies – formulate means of yielding sizable returns as compared to smaller, generally-safer investments that their conservative, run-of-the-mill investment firm counterparts generate reliably. Southridge regularly sees returns that that are higher than most other alternative investment firms it competes with across the North American market.


While every investment firm seeks to bring home higher returns than their competitors, this simply doesn’t happen; some investment groups are going to perform better than others – this is a simple fact of doing business in financial services.


How does Mr. Stephen P. Hicks “make magic” happen in his line of work?


Every working professional has their own figurative toolbox of go-to secret strategies to use when they need to generate yields in the short-term – in the here and now; Mr. Hicks similarly has his own coveted toolbox that he looks to when he needs to heat up rates of return upon very short notice.


When legendary investor Stephen P. Hicks wants to bring his and his company’s ideas to life, he turns to his extensive experience in the world of financial services. As one might imagine, more than three decades’ worth of experience is the first proverbial tool he turns to when he needs help in bringing Southridge Capital’s clients’ ideas to fruition. For more details visit Ideamensch.


Further, because Southridge Capital’s bread-and-butter of generating income for its clients is directly related to the investments it places in growing companies and small corporations, Mr. Hicks also regularly turns to his company’s well-established search criteria of companies it looks at as being safe bets to generate the income it needs to survive and thrive.


Southridge Capital enters into deals like these on a regular basis


This company currently has just south of two billion dollars’ – United States Dollars, that is – worth of non-ownership stakes in the form of private shares of companies that haven’t yet gone public. Having invested in some 300-odd companies thus far, most of its deals are similar to one inked three years ago on July 30; Southridge Capital had purchased $5 million in equity with Elite Data Services, a relatively small corporation that was and still is in a lightning-fast stage of growth. You can follow their Facebook page.


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