China has for many years been in the spotlight for being behind numerous cases of intellectual property theft. A high number of cases have reportedly affected the United States. Chinese have been stealing intellectual theft of the Americans and using it to make substandard goods which they later sell in the United States at low prices. President Trump has now made this difficult for China. Noticing the recklessness that has guided the trade agreements between these two countries, Trump has moved in to stop China from enjoying too much freedom especially on matters of intellectual theft.

Trump does not want to allow the United States to continue suffering from intellectual theft. He has passed tariffs which will affect Chinese imports worth over $50 billion. Chinese have been using various forms of intellectual property theft to accomplish their goals. There is stealing of trade secrets, making counterfeit products, extorting technology secrets from other businesses among others. Due to the vast market, they enjoy today; they have made it hard for other countries to enjoy fair competition.

It is not the first time that the issue of intellectual property theft is coming up. Many trading partners have accused China of being behind unfair tactics in winning trade deals. Many countries have at some point stopped trading with China, but as the economy of China grows tremendously, the countries are forced to deal with Chinese products. China has been growing its trading partners in recent times despite most of the goods and services they offer being a product of intellectual property theft. President Trump has moved with speed to stop the matter. The tariffs will correct the situation and create a level playing ground for all trading partners.

Kamil Idris is a politician from Sudan who has held various positions of leadership in organizations that enact laws and policies on intellectual property. Kamil Idris is the former Director General of World Intellectual Property Organization. He is also an author of a book that addresses economic development in relation to intellectual property. Kamil Idris believes that intellectual property should be protected at all time. Various universities have recognized his efforts of advocating for intellectual property. He has received 19 honorary awards from different universities.



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