Campaigns today are running much faster than the ones of the past few decades. Digital is in demand. Digital has replaced the slower methods of paper that campaigns traditionally had to use to collect their information. NGP VAN is a leading software provider that is on the forefront of creating the most up to date political technology.


The company’s expert programmers have created applications that are fully able to integrate with other political canvassing apps. The company’s applications are equipped with databases to hold sensitive information. Programmers have expertly made sure the application is safe from hackers and data loss. Strategies, powerful tools and data are all included in the application. With features like this, the software company has become very popular amongst progressives and democrats.


Barack Obama, one of those most famous democrats, used NGP VAN during his political campaigns in 2008 and 2012. The convenience of this technology made it more accessible to access voter information and promote voter turnout. The company’s software is being used again for the 2018 midterm election. By using this software, Democrats just may have the edge to have the House of Representatives and the Senate become won over by Democrats due to how advanced the software is. Time will only tell if the software technology is a game changer in this year’s upcoming election.


NGP is all about progression. They have rolled out a plan of how the company will continue to push to new heights. With a roster of political figures, corporations and labor unions using their software, they have a demanding audience that wants the latest technology to get the work done. New development for the company has began. New development work is focused on improvement and organization. The company wishes to make a political campaign’s database of voters more simplified and accessible. Marketing automation is important to the software powerhouse. Therefore, they are implanting this type of automation into their technology, making marketing more convenient for their users. They are working to make sure the candidates are empowered to operate and manage multi-channel campaigns from the web and mobile.

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